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Toby and Layla (The Rock Stars) Share Their Best Facebook Secrets

On My Lead System Pro’s (MLSP) weekly webinar this evening, Toby Black and Layla Staats (The Rock Stars) shared the secrets that have propelled their blog into the top tier of websites online by leveraging Facebook.  They have used a very simple four step process, which they learned from their association with My Lead System Pro.

  • Set up a fun and compelling profile
  • Set up a group which brands “You”
  • Set up a fan page which further establishes your “brand”
  • Add Friends

Some ways to add friends quicker includes providing a lot of content.  Layla shared using Google Chrome to invite all your friends to your group and fan page.  “Facebook Invite All” is an extension that accomplishes this in one operation, by adding a “Toggle all” button to Facebook’s “Suggest Friends” within your fan page.

Toby and Layla shared their favorite “fishing holes” on Facebook including MLM Groups, Fan Pages, Fans of Fan Pages, People inside of those groups, and friends of friends.  When adding these people as friends, it is best to ask questions and develop relationships, first, and NEVER pitch your business or even MLSP.

Look on people’s profile for what you have in common.

They also shared how to tap into thousands of leads, using Facebook’s “Edit Friends” function.  Layla suggests simply picking up the phone and making a connection, again, beginning by asking questions.  They recruited 12 people into MLSP in a single day, by simply picking up the phone.  Some suggested “off-limits” topics include:

  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • How Much Money You Have Made
  • How Amazing YOUR Product or Service is
  • How Your Product/Service Will Change Their Life Forever

Integrating their blog posts with their Facebook is the final key step in the process.  Rather than sending an entire blog post to Facebook, they post a short summary within various groups.  It is important to note that they are not spamming their business opportunity, rather adding valuable content to groups on Facebook.  They also use a picture in each blog post, in order to add interest.  It is also important to tell the reader what benefit they will get from visiting your blog to read the complete article.  They also create videos which they attribute the most explosive growth in their business.

Toby and Layla are using every trick in the MLSP book, plus a few of their own for massive, explosive growth in their network marketing business.

Toby and Layla attribute much of their success to the training they’ve been able to assimilate from My Lead System Pro.  You don’t have to have results personally when you’re just getting started, but can leverage the systems and success stories available in the system.  Then connect with people who have a need in their life or business that you can truly help them with. A replay of this webinar on Facebook marketing secrets is now available.

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