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Top Earner Formula – Finding the Right Place, Right Time Opportunity and Approach

In a recent webinar, two of the most prominent “rock stars” in both Numis Network and My Lead System Pro shared their personal top earner formula.  David Wood is the #1 recruiter in both Numis and MLSP. Ray Higdon & David Wood Ray Higdon is the #1 earner in Numis and top MLSP recruiter.  Obviously, both David and Ray are passionate about the network marketing industry.  And both are also strong believers in a particular product and business opportunity represented by the Numis Network.

How have these two been so successful in both recruiting and teamwork?  David is very well known as the top internet marketer within the network marketing/MLM niche.  Although many on the Internet operate using the philosophy of recruiting as many as possible with the hopes of a few learning the path to success on their own, both David and Ray operate from a “different” mindset.  They are more about building a team and supporting their team than some in the attraction marketing industry.  This explains their phenomenal success and the amazing growth in their businesses.

David and Ray believe that the choice of “vehicle” is crucial to their success.  First, what are the choices available in the network marketing industry?

  1. Cosmetics & Skin Care.  Most of these companies operate on the party plan which makes it more difficult for men to be involved, thus limiting its appeal to business builders.
  2. Nutrition and Weight Loss.  Obviously this is the staple of network marketing.  Issues include competition from retail outlets and the plethora of companies in the network marketing industry.  Recent economic conditions have put pressure on distributors as their customer bases have dwindled.
  3. Household Products.  Usually these companies don’t make sense for autoship, so distributors typically “stock” products for delivery to their “customers.”  Most business builders don’t want to get involved with these details and prefer a “hands-off” autoship product.
  4. Technology Products.  These products have some significant benefits.  ACN, for instance has 2.5 million representatives and is the longest lasting network marketing company in existence.  Typically the pressure for continually lower pricing and diversity of sources make it difficult for network marketing companies to last long term.  For instance, when long distance pricing fell from $.60 to $.04, many companies couldn’t survive.  Commodity products with continuing price increases due to inflation are better in the long run.  Also, technology companies are constantly fighting with Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.
  5. Services: Financial, Travel, Discount Programs.  A prime example is Prepaid Legal, which sells a monthly $36 product and has created some big fortunes in this space.  Travel companies face a complex sale and poor retention, e.g., about 15%

Why is Numis Networks and numismatics a good choice for network marketing?  First, this is a new product category in network marketing without many of the objections present in more typical companies.  The numismatic industry is a $100 billion industry, featuring a product, gold and silver, that  no one ever has too much of.  Additional information about the Numis Network are available in the detailed company overview and replay of the David Wood/Ray Higdon webinar.

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