How To Configure, Optimize and Deploy A New Wordpress Installation 

In Under 10 Minutes

Using the Best Plugins to Maximize WordPress Performance and Get Results Fast!

My name is Jim Green and I've created a simple guide for developers and WordPress enthusiasts who understand the power, yet are intimidated by the vast number of options available in setting up a new Wordpress website.  Today, there are more than 20,000 plugin choices and an almost infinite number of options for configuring a Wordpress website.

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Do you currently spend hours or days in deploying a new WordPress site?  Or, as an end user, how do you even begin to determine what should be included in order to get the best possible performance and search results?  Using Control Panel and Fantastico is straightforward and relatively easy, as is installing plugins.  But, where do you go from there, and how can you be sure you've made the best configuration choices?

Get the best possible performance from WordPress including a simple Road Map, and "how to"  guide to selecting the best free plugins now available and configuring WordPress.

This isn't rocket science, and anyone can do it.  So, why hire an expensive consultant, or spend hours in research and weeks or even months in trial and error when the work has already been done for you and you can get going immediately and produce results fast.

  1. You don't have to be a guru.
  2. You don't need any coding experience or HTML
  3. You don't need to be an SEO expert

How to Deploy an Optimally Configured WordPress Site in Minutes

As I'm sure you're aware, WordPress provides an excellent platform for just about any website need.  And, generally, the search engines "love" this format and easily understand it, producing the possibility of high page rank "out of the box."  But there are some gotchas purely "out of the box" and a few tweaks that are needed for optimal, "stand above the crowd" performance.  Now you can save time, using a simple method and proven configuration to get you going quickly with the best possible results.

The Benefits Of Using this Guide

With all these benefits you can't really "afford" to go it on your own. That's why I'm happy to introduce to you a guide to WordPress configurations called Plugin Essentials.

This is a PDF manual that is only 8 pages, yet provides you exactly what you need to know about a basic WordPress setup to get up and running quickly and with the best possible results.

How Much For This Guide?

Although packed with incredible money saving ideas and exactly what you need for either a single or multiple WordPress installations, we wanted to make this guide affordable and well within reach of anyone.

As of right now you can get your hands on this information immediately for just $9.95. I recommend getting it now before I come to my senses and raise the price to more accurately reflect the value you're getting today.

Plus You're Backed By A 30 Day Guarantee

Buy it now. Try it for 30 days. For any reason or no reason at all if you want your money back within that period of time... I, Jim Green, will personally refund your purchase back to you.

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