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Business Ignition System – A Coupon-Based Social Media Approach

Barry Plaskow, Internet MarketerBarry Plaskow has been an online marketer for 4 years.  For the first 3 years, he’d tried multiple strategies with no success and almost lost his house.  Once he found a working strategy, it only took about 6 weeks to reach a 6-figure income.  He now teaches others via both an online and offline formula.

His online formula is as follows:

  1. Build initial list fast in order to get massive business momentum
  2. Get ongoing traffic to expand
  3. Engage the list (with automated social media) to turn prospects into buyers

grouponThat’s pretty standard, but for offline businesses, his formula involves:

  1. Find local businesses desperate for help
  2. Make an irresistible offer they can’t refuse
  3. Provide a killer service (that is easy to handle)


A sample marketing scriptThe offline strategy is based on finding clients who are advertising with Groupon.  These merchants are in significant pain.  For example, a spa selling 160 $60 massage sessions at 50% would have to cut a check for $2400 to Groupon.  The criteria for a Red Hot lead would be a company that both loves social media and deal sites.  Barry’s script for contacting the merchant is shown to the right:

As a Groupon alternative, offering a viral landing page, with Facebook “Like” button would be far superior.  Then a viral snowball could be built using Edgerank.  This provides the key to using FaceBook to drive an unlimited amount of traffic to your business pages.  Barry’s Business Ignition System, now includes an automated curation component to simplify the process of keeping the fan page updated, as well as a controlled coupon which would replace Groupon’s expensive component. 

Edgerank is made up of popularity, relevance, and recency.  Just to prove the concept, Barry was able to generate a traffic spike of 1,016,810 impressions and 5,077 visits.  Over 600 people were added to their marketing list.  To build the list, they simply gave away a PLR report on “dog training.”  This strategy has now been streamlined using a WordPress plugin, now available to marketers and small business owners.  FB Socializer System (the previous product name) facilitates accomplishing all of the necessary tasks using an automated approach.  A client spending $10K or more on their Groupon campaign could be provided equivalent or better services using this approach at a fraction of the cost.

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