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Home Depot Facebook retargeting ads. (Photo credit: Alyssa & Colin)

Why have the biggest retailers adopted retargetting campaigns, wholesale?  The fact is that only 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store? Retargeting is used to bring in the remaining 98% of sales. Retargeting uses automation to electronically tag people who visit your site and display your ads to them when they visit other sites online.

Let’s say you’re trying to sell products on Amazon.  How would you like to be able to re-target ads to users who have already seen your product on Amazon, using Facebook?  Or if an affiliate marketer, how about being able to display ads to those who have expressed interest in a particular hot offer?  And retargeting ads are the cheapest ads to run, since it’s your own audience.


I’ve never played Farmville.  But after being introduced to Empire Avenue via a Warrior Forum software program, six months ago, I have found myself to be a “player.”  


Nintendo Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Games are fun, of course, but in addition to the normal competitive “thrill,” Empire Avenue also develops an individual or business’ online profile. It’s somewhat of a “learning lab” that puts every participant on equal footing with some of the best Internet and social media experts online today.  Each participant is rewarded according to their effort and actual results.


Brittany Lynch, worked in the Google Adwords department, but when the 12 hour days began to limit her “flexibility,” she left Google and developed a system that was able to fulfill her needs.  She has since founded the “Ideal Me” social network, and makes from $100,000 to $500,000 monthly online.  Brittany recently explained her methodology on a “live” Rapid Crush webinar where sheBrittany Lynch Ideal Me:

  • Built the infrastructure for a six figure business
  • Chose a “super” niche for the project
  • Built a landing page in 5 minutes flat
  • Created a highly responsive audience list for targeted ads
  • Demonstrated how to achieve a 20x return on Facebook ad investments

Brittany defines a super niche as one that is so filled to the brim with passionate individuals, that the members buy more frequently and spend much higher amounts than in a “normal” niche.  The members have a high level of passion.

Using Unbounce.com’s drag and drop editor, Brittany quickly built a landing page, using their click-through minimalist template.  This template eliminates several steps, such as split testing.  The weight loss niche page shown below, reportedly earned $15K in the first 30 days.15K in 30 Days Landing Page

English: licence google adwords Français : lic...

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Then, using the Google Keyword Planner, Brittany selected some additional related terms and did some basic research to discover additional related pages, e.g., “celebrities” that would be known to the target group.  Then narrowing further, she used the Social Lead Freak tool to select the Facebook IDs for people who have commented on the target page, bought products, and cross reference by age/gender/location.  Can you spell “rabid” fans?

Facebook has a free tool, Power Editor, that can be used to upload the Facebook IDs of the most rabid “fans” in any niche.  And Facebook.com/ads/create, can be used to build an add that will lead to the landing page.  But how can the leads then be turned in to revenue?

A series of 12 emails is then needed to create a return on investment.  But it is important not to “abuse” the list with too many offers.  And unsubscribes can still be monetized by uploading another custom audience to retarget segments of the initial list.  Brittany also offers to be a “tour guide” in helping others reach their goals via her “2K in 3 Days” masterclass.


Aravindh Singh has earned over $300,000 in Internet marketing CPA offers over the last year. He leads a team of 20 programmers in India, as a college dropout, following in the footsteps of Bill Gates.Aravindh Sing products

His methodology involves uses product launches pertaining to CPA offers. His affiliates have earned over $1.6 million via his product launches. As a result, he has mastered the art of building a list of buyers.

His ClickBooth CPA account has had almost 20,000 clicks and over $25,000 in earnings over the last several months and he has several accounts earning well above this level. His strategy is using Facebook fan pages for traffic.  How is he accomplishing this?

When building Facebook pages, Aravindh uses trend jumping, with Google’s trend discovery tool and Social Lead Engine, software to automate the process.  A test demonstration page can bee seen at on.fb.me/1cP62vq, which offers a viral opt-in form. The resulting list can be used to drive targeted CPA offers as a follow-up.

On a recent webinar, he shared 8 user engagement tricks that have been proven in his successful campaigns:

  1. The panic buster – keep your fans calm, which started in WW II – “Keep calm and carry on” can be tied into your niche.
  2. The to-do list – It’s easy to forget the list of tasks for your day.  Just tie into your niche, e.g.,Eat, Sleep, Pitbulls.”Which Pitbull?
  3. Say what?!? – Some inane content tied to your niche
  4. The ultimate choice – Get people fired up and voting what they like or dislike, e.g., “Which Pitbull looks more cuter.”
  5. The best damn fan – People want to be the best fan, naturally. Use http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?=928529234 as a link to the viewer’s own page.
  6. Action archery – Give directions in the form of arrows pointing to the actions you are seeking.
  7. Comment fishing – Post a word search puzzle and ask people what they see, which Aravindh used to get 1,730,197 views.
  8. Caption competition – Every human being on the planet has a competitive attitude, which will get people involved.  Just post a photo and ask for suggested captions from your fans, offering a small prize to the winner, e.g., a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Although Aravindh has used CPA offers to earn from his Facebook pages, additional ways of monetizing viral traffic would naturally include affiliate offers, ecommerce, and promoting a brand.  Aravindh’s methods should be useful to anyone creating or curating content for their Facebook page.


With the advent of Facebook’s Edgerank, businesses and organizations are finding that page likes are no longer enough in order to get their message in front of customers. So businesses with insufficient Edgerank are faced with a decision about paying for promoting their content. In order to “help” businesses in their decision to advertise,

Evolution of the number of Facebook users. Dat...

Facebook has improved targeting methods and now enables ads to be placed within the newsfeed stream, making them much more effective. In response, automated tools such as Social Lead Freak, are becoming available to assist in fully leveraging Facebook’s new capabilities: especially in targeting custom audience in the news feed. Setting up an ad campaign is then a fairly straightforward process, using the following process:

  1. Niche selection – Careful selection of interests areas can be done within Facebook’s campaign setup tool, which facilitates the process and shows the number of Facebook users available. This is important, since development of a sales funnel might not be feasible if the number of potential customers is too small. For B2B services, targetting groups, or “liked pages” that have a membership or following of business owners within the selected niche will produce the best results. B2C services can be targetted by selecting “likes” from a major competitor’s page (especially one with notable customer service issues or bad reviews online).
  2. Ad and Campaign Setup – Images and ad copy are the most important. A specific landing page that is targetted to the selected niche is critical. According to Jamie Garside, a Facebook advertising specialist, better control is available using an off-Facebook landing page. A “pain-oriented” marketing message will produce the best results.
    • Headline – “Run a XX Business?”
    • Text – “Are You Losing Potential XXX Niche Enquiries Because of This?”
    • Image – Should be closely related to the niche, and designed to draw eyeballs, e.g., some type of “pattern interrupt,” if possible. Google’s advanced search can be used to find images available for unrestricted commercial usage. Newsfeed ads must be run to a Fanpage and the images need to be at least 154 x 154 px.
  3. Bidding and Cost Management – Cost per click vs. impressions is recommended in order to control costs (especially for those new to Facebook ads). A $10 per day limit is recommended.
  4. Ads Approval – Landing pages should include contact information and a privacy policy for best results. Images used shouldn’t be at all controversial.

Jamie Garside who has been using these techniques before and after the most recent Facebook updates, finds that the new capabilities are making Facebook advertising much more feasible. News feed targeting, in particular seems especially effective, but requires the use of a tool such as Social Lead Freak (or some labor-intensive work) in order to “scrape” user IDs to use in the custom targeting feature of setting up a campaign.


A new software lead generating tool, Social Lead Freak is now available (at introductory pricing for a short time remaining).  Who can benefit from this tool?Social Lead Freak

  • Anyone who sells information products online
  • Clickbank, Amazon, or other affiliate marketers
  • Companies promoting Facebook Fan pages or other social media
  • Niche blog owners or e-mail marketers
  • Consultants to “main street’ businesses
  • Any business owner or staff member looking for better methods to generate sales leads


Social Lead Freak is based on Facebook’s Graph Search.  Via Graph Search, Facebook has made its search data (member IDs, post content, page content, group members, fans of pages, etc.) live to the public.  Anyone can access the data, but what if there was a tool to effectively harness this ocean of information and pull out the bits that are relevant to you, whatever they may be.  With Social Lead Freak, you can:

  • Search Groups
  • Pull up hundreds of relevant groups in an instant
  • See all group members
  • Extract Member IDs directly to your computer
  • Search Events
  • Find people who have RSVP’d to attend an event in whatever niche you want.
  • Search Google+ activities, to discover additional marketing targets

You can then upload the Facebook Member IDs that Social Lead Freak delivers to  into your Facebook Ads Power Editor. Your ads will then only target those members.  Because of this unparalleled level of targeting, it is possible now to double your CTR and cut your CPC in half.  So if you’ve ever wanted to advertise on Facebook, or if you want to pay less for your Facebook ads, this may be the tool you’ve been looking for.  You can now directly target your ad campaigns in a way previously unheard of, making penny clicks easier than ever.

We rate this one of the most useful tools we’ve seen an awhile, effectively opening up Facebook and Google+ in ways heretofore not possible   Currently, Social Lead Freak is available via the Warrior Forum for a fraction of the price it is sure to sell for following its current launch.

John Pearce, Developer of Easy Target Lead Generator

John Pearce

John Pearce just released, earlier today what may be the best offline marketing lead generation software to ever be released.  Why do I say this is the best ever Offline marketing lead gen software?  Watch his video, for starters:

As you can see, this software quickly identifies the following needs for any local business based on niche and location:

  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile App
  • Google+ Page
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Whether Business Has Paid Advertising (i.e. AdSense)
  • Email Capture Form On Website
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

For example, let’s say a local plumber already has an active Facebook fan page and Twitter, but doesn’t capture emails on their website. Armed with this knowledge, you now know what to sell the plumbing business owner on and not waste their time talking about social media! Instead, you’ll be able to zero in on how they are losing a ton of potential sales by not having an email opt-in form.  Or, as a business owner, how valuable would it be to know exactly what your competition is doing?

There are a couple of bonuses that come with this software, including basic training/information on consulting to local businesses, statistics you can use when talking to local business owners, and a follow-on training series featuring several experts who work with local businesses on a daily basis.


Will Perkins, Internet marketerWill Perkins, CEO of Mooseweb Inc. is only 20 years old.  But, he is on the Board of Directors of two up and coming marketing companies and is already engaged.  He has already had the opportunity to teach over 15,000 marketers in online marketing and his specialty …marketing on Facebook.

Today there are over 1 Billion Facebook users, 500 Million who are active mobile users.  70% of local businesses use Facebook.  Over 80% of Facebook users WANT to connect with their favorite brands/companies.  But only 19% of small businesses are actively using Facebook. This, despite the fact that the average US Internet user spends 32 hours online each month and 7 of those “active” on Facebook.

Facebook surpasses 1 billion usersBut can these trends be useful for business, or even better to earn money in a home based business?  Will attests to actually using the following 5 Step System to earn $1500 when he needed to as a “starving” college student.  And, he now teaches others to successfully apply his formula.

  1. Find Leads – His strategy involves using Manta Pro advanced search features (only $9.99/month), Yellow Pages, and/or Google Maps to find out about potential customers including owner information, whether or not they have a claimed listing, Facebook fan page, Twitter, and other social sites/features listed.
  2. Send an Email – Use a professionally done video to “scare” the potential customer.  Subject:  Your Business is in Jeopardy
  3. Follow Up – Send another email to those who respond, offering to setup a coupon Fanpage for $297.  Body:  So here’s the situation, as I’m sure you know.  If you’re not online, the odds are you’re not going to be in business very long…..etc.  Will includes a PayPal invoice in the follow-up message.
  4. Send the Details – Establish the ground rules, and provide service agreed to.  He suggests offering a $75 monthly management fee, an optional $997 website design where needed, an optional $797 monthly SEO package, and $997 with $197 monthly mobile marketing package.
  5. Enjoy the Success – Or, as in Will’s case, pay your tuition and buy books for the semester.

To simplify the entire process he once did manually, Will, who is a programmer,  has now created FBCoup, a WordPress plugin which is able to generate a coupon Fanpage in under one minute.  But the plugin also does the upfront marketing job in finding leads and contacting his prospects.  A premade video is included or a custom video can be used.  More details of his plugin are available on the sales page for FBCoup.


An advertisment for Dr. Ben Adkins on FacebookRecently, Squeeze-Mobi introduced a new directory plugin for WordPress.  This service is perfect for local marketers who need to setup a local directory.  Facebook marketer, Dr. Ben Adkins explained several innovative uses for the plugin within the Facebook platform.  Here is his priceless content:

  • The “Holy Crap” Method – This idea originated when Dr. Ben found himself looking at a Facebook ad with his own picture.  This gave him the idea, which is to simply target a Facebook ad to a prospect you want for your business.  Then when they inevitably click the ad, it will take them to a sales page inviting them to contact your for more information or to visit your own sales page.
  • The Local Yardsale Method – This is actually a way to drive local traffic to your directory.  It’s somewhat indirect.  First, create a page for individuals to post items for sale in your local community.  Businesses will take interest in the page and when they post their own link on the page, simply contact them and offer them a listing in your directory.  Driving traffic to the page can be done using ads for a couple of weeks.
  • The Chamber of Commerce Trojan Horse Method – Take a look at local chamber of commerce pages in the area you want to target.  Check out their member directory.  facebook enganchaThese businesses have paid to be part of the Chamber and are the best prospects in your area.  Dr. Ben believes in targeting the people who are already spending money.

The Squeeze Mobi plugin, although targeted to restaurants, has practically unlimited potential.  But, above all, it is a sales funnel for later upsells for text-based marketing, mobile websites, Google Places optimization, and more.  Further information about the plugin may be found at this link.