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Jeff Wellman’s first information product, Layoff Your Boss, earned over $100K  in 2007.  This success came in a time of need, after he had worked many years in dairy farming and manufacturing.  Since then, he and his partner Paul Counts have produced several other successful information products.

Their most recent product, Rapid Cash Marketing, has already produced many success stories, in an earlier released version.  Their newly released version of the course is based on 5 business models, proven to help others go from frustration to success, including the following modules:

  • Piggyback Marketing – How to profit from successful products in the market
  • Flipping Websites
  • Simple Web Services for Instant Profits – Simple services you can do for website owners
  • Cashing in on High Traffic Websites
  • How to Monetize Your Email List
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my job sucks (Photo credit: candrews)

According to Jeff, any one of these modules could be turned into a 6 figure business.  Both videos and mp3s are included to facilitate the learning experience, as well as bonus videos with over-the-shoulder practical training.  Finally, resale rights are included in the package, so that the information can be shared with others for a profit.  Sales page templates, slides used to sell the course, and a squeeze page template are also included for building a list.

Rapid Cash Marketing looks to be a very complete system with several options, and is available initially at a very low entry price.  It is likely that anyone who seriously wants to improve their online results and is willing to put in the time to learn their methods would achieve significant results.

English: A schematic illustrating the evolving...

A schematic illustrating the evolving relationship between the firm and its customers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

99.5 percent of local business consultants fail. The reason why is because of the difficulty of customer acquisition. Customer acquisition is actually made up of the following 5 activities:

If any of these aspects are neglected or poorly executed, this spells failure. The failure may be of slow death of an organization, or in the worst case immediate loss of viability.

What happened to the Internet marketing lifestyle? Why isn’t the money just coming in on auto pilot, like you’ve heard it would? Let’s look a little deeper into the 5 activities needed in any enterprise.

Prospecting is the first step and the easiest. All that you’re selling in this step is a presentation. The most critical aspect of prospecting is “attention getting.” This is why techniques such as the “pattern interrupt” are so vital. How do other forms of advertising accomplish a pattern interrupt. In the Internet advertising, the typical pattern interrupt is a “free offer.’

Selling activities include the offer, the presentation, and your audience. All of these must be present, relevant, and effectively delivered in order to be successful. In addition, Jason Fladlien suggests memorizing closes that can be applied “by rote,” only applying the right amount of pressure. Knowing that too little pressure is the most common mistake, Jason recommends intentionally applying a little too much at first and then “ratcheting down” as needed.

“You want to have an offer that is easily demonstratable as far superior to what people are already begrudgingly paying for.” Jason Fladlien

Servicing involves all fulfillment and customer support activities after the sale. Servicing can be a daunting task and even the thought of having to fulfill on the sale can psychologically cripple an entrepreneur. Perhaps this is why most Internet marketers spend more time on building websites and other preparatory activities, e.g., buying all the latest “shiny objects,” rather than prospecting for new customers.

Dan Hollings, Internet Marketing Consultant

Dan Hollings, Internet Marketing Consultant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Managing clients can be a time-consuming task. For most businesses, the first employee after the owner is an administrative assistant who can help with customer management.

Upselling is a natural part of the backend servicing and managing process. Most sales will be derived from satisfied customers and their referrals. The backend is where most of the money is actually earned, once the customer is familiar with the quality and effectiveness of the products and services already purchased.

 Jason Fladlien and Dan Holling’s new One Minute Formula  is a system designed for offline consultants who don’t necessarily want to grow their own business, but rather prefer to operate as an advisor to connect their clients to the Rapid Crush sales and fulfillment processes.  A consultant can spend one minute in the prospecting process and earn a lifetime of backend residuals and possibly enter the coveted Internet lifestyle.


Jason Fladlien, who is the all time best selling author for information products related to webinars, is releasing an update to his previous webinar training.  This is an important update and training, due to the rapidly changing Internet marketing landscape.  This training represents the experience of one of the most successful Internet marketers today, who focuses primarily in webinar selling.

In 2008, Jason created his first guide for doing webinars.  But nobody bought the guide, since he was too far ahead of the marketplace’s needs.  In 2010, in his product creation class, he was challenged to create a product on how to do webinars.  He was reluctant, since, no one had bought his prior product.  But he was wrong this time and Webinar Pitch Secrets 1.0 was a big hit.  Now he’s releasing a new product in the form of an eclass, which addresses the needs of an evolving marketplace.

Jason makes a compelling case for the importance of webinar skills for any business.  And it’s not just about selling information products.  These skills apply to a far broader audience.  In Jason’s new 7 session course he will cover the following topics:Webinar Legend Training - Jason Fladlien

  1. New Webinar Pitch Secrets – How to consistently convert at 10% pitching products that sell for $497 or more.
  2. No Product: No List: No Problem – How to be a professional “pitch person.”  The secrets of a million dollar plus salesman.
  3. Pure Affiliate Webinar Pitrching – How to make more money pitching other people’s products as an affiliate.  Build a 6-figure business with no one even attending any of your webinars.  Real time demonstration
  4. The Local Webinar Method – How to get 50 to 100 local business owners on a webinar for free.  How to partner with local consultants to generate leads.
  5. The Backend Webinar Integration Model – How he generated over 6 figures in affiliate commissions in less than 24 days with this method.  How this works automatically.
  6. The True Automated Webinar – How Jason runs webinars through GotoWebinar that are completly automated.  If you have a Mac, this method is free and only a small investment for PC owners.
  7. Advanced Webinar Secrets – How to surpass the 1,000 person limit in GotoWebinar..  How to set up “self expiring” sign-up and webinar replay pages.

In addition, Jason’s Webinar Legends training offers several bonuses including “how to’s” and software that he personally uses and a personal evaluation of a students’ actual webinar.  Although not the least expensive, this training is reasonably priced for its value and is sure to be on the “cutting edge.”  Discounts are available via several marketing affiliates, including Webinar Swaps, who recorded a live webinar overview of Jason’s product pitch.


160 million professionals are on LinkedIn around the world.  Of these, 74% have a college degree or better..  1 million users join every 12 days (there were 4.2 billion searches in 2011).  It drives the most customers for B2B organizations; outpacing Facebook and Twitter.  The following are the main reasons to consider using LinkedIn:

LinkedIn MerlinWizard

LinkedIn MerlinWizard (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

  1. The average household income for members is $109,000.
  2. Half of users are decision makers in their household.
  3. Connections can be exported with a single click.
  4. Groups represent one of the biggest online opportunities.
  5. LinkedIn is all about business.
  6. Recommendations allow you to build social proof.
  7. Automation features are available, which can be leveraged.

Linked offers a search capability to find peoople and check out their credentials, which makes it possible for B2B service offerings. It is easily geo-targeted to find local people or to target any city you are interested in. As an example, “SEO Tampa,” averages 155 searches per month.

Popular serarches include: SEO, Mobile, LinkedIn, Web Design, Lead Generation, YouTube, etc. Greig Wells, uses Linked in to generate over 2,000 leads each month for his business, using “the Faucet” method. What strategies can a local business use to position themselves to receive leads, or for a local consultant to generate local leads in their local market?


LinkedIn (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Ninja Networking  – “I’m a local internet marketing consultant…but that’s not why I’m contacting you today.  Actually, I’m looking for the top CPA in  [insert city name].  Can you recommend a great one to me?  This will lead to 2 of 100 who actually recommend someone.  But some will answer “no” and maybe even ask to know more about what you do.  Then respond to the “no” respondants, that you’re compiling a list of the best CPA’s in the area.  Finally, contact the top recommended CPA’s and tell them you’d like to refer them to local businesses needing a CPA.

SEO Profile – Your keywords need to be strategically placed in your profile.  Keywords can be determined by looking at people’s profiles that are currently in the top 10 of search using word cloud, which is a fast keyword method.  Once you determine the keywords, you need to add to the following:

  • HeadLine
  • Current Position
  • Past Title
  • Specialties
  • Summary

Conversion strategies are equally important.  It is vital to have a “call to action” in your profile, i.e., “Call me for ___.”  Additionally, a deep network is needed.  Only your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level contacts can find you in a search.  To expand your network fastest, use the advanced search to find superconnectors (sorting by # of connections) in your field.

Third level reach is your key to unlocking the power of LinkedIn

Becoming a superconnector on LinkedIn will put your networking on autopilot.  People will be connecting with you everyday.  Once you have over 500 connections, you will be at the current highest level of success, since noone can see how many connections you have over 500.  Greig Wells offers a complete marketing system in his Local Lead Ninja over the shoulder training.


Eric Worre got started in network marketing at age 18.  He had earned $45K the year before as a real estate agent, but had spent $60K and also hadn’t made any provision for taxes.  In his first month, he made $7400 in NSA water filters, but spent it all.  In his second month he made over $12,000.  But he found that he was really a $1,000 per month earner in his third month and quit the same day.


Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing (Photo credit: larryosan)

But he was stuck and network marketing was the only place he could go back to.  Over the last 24 years of his career, he developed 5 basic beliefs in the profession.  Without these basic beliefs, he has found that any organization will fail without these beliefs:


  1. Network marketing isn’t perfect; it’s just better.  It is better than traditional business, sales, or the 9 to 5 grind.  Once you have this belief, you will be able to withstand the imperfections inherent in the profession.
  2. Network marketing is a profession.  Too many people hope for the “right place, right time” or have a lottery mentality.  One of the traps of online marketing is the shortcut mentality.  It generally takes about 1 year to become proficient and profitable and about 3 years to develop a full time income.  A significant income will take about 5 years and 7 years to “world class” professionalism.  Seth Godin believes that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything.  See The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)for further information.
    Author Seth Godin at PDF 2007

    Author Seth Godin at PDF 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  3. Skills are important; and you must focus on mastering the appropriate skills.  The highest skill is an ability to get people to a major event.  Other skills needed include leadership, communications, prospecting, presenting, etc… a total of about 10 to 12 skills.  A focus on skills will ensure that nothing can stop you.
  4. Like anything of value, it is going to take some time.  But, it is worth it, given that you never will have to worry about money again.
  5. Freedom is possible for anyone that takes it seriously.  Eric takes it so seriously that he is now offering one of his best selling training programs to anyone who will listen to it and share it with their teams.

Eric made is first $1 million in network marketing, using a 90 day formula, or game plan.  He has created over 100 millionaires during his career using this method.  For further information about network marketing, please contact us.

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Roxanne Monette-Thompson recently trained on using Facebook shares to build an email marketing list.  Her method, which is free, can be used whether or not you have a product of your own.  Her technique is evergreen, and reportedly will “kill” the bright shiny object syndrome, which now plagues many Internet marketers.  She currently earns about $3k monthly in only about 5 hours per week.  How does it work?

Roxanne Monette-Thompson

Roxanne suggests using reworked PLR from or to create your own “free” guide or report which relates to your target audience.  In order to give people access to your “free” product, a squeeze page is used to capture prospects’ name and email.  An autoresponder can be used (MailChimp is free for a small list).  Roxanne suggests setting up a business email account vs. using your personal email address.  Next, a webinar service would be needed (up to 200 attendees are allowed using  An affiliate offer via the Warrior Forum, Clickbank, or other affiliate program.  Finally a social media account, e.g., Facebook and Paypal account are needed.

Image representing MailChimp as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

Next, Roxanne suggests posting content on  Fan Pages in related niches.  After a couple of days, a link to your squeeze pages can be included.  She develops a list, which can often go viral due to the nature of social media.  She also tries to develop a relationship with the Fan Page owner, who often hasn’t made any attempt to monetize their page.  She offers to do a joint webinar in which she shares profits with the page owner, promoting her own products or affiliate products.  In some cases the affiliate product owner will actually participate on the webinar.

Her detailed methodology is offered in her List Machine training course, which can take a new marketer from ground zero to earning an online income.  In addition, her detailed instructions make it easy to outsource and/or use virtual assistants for the entire process.  Although simple, her training is very complete, and potentially very useful to a newcomer to Internet marketing.  Finally, just about any business owner would benefit, although most usually would prefer to stick to the “main thing” and find a marketer skilled in this approach.


Ken Michaels started in Internet marketing in 1993, after realizing he hated selling.  His area of expertise is developing systems to automate the lead generation process using social networks.  His specific area of focus is creating Facebook pages for small businesses.  Finding clients using specific online tools and automated systems is his expertise.Facebook 4.74 Degrees of Separation

Just 5 years ago, most businesses were interested in getting websites setup and leveraging Google through SEO.  In the last few years, social media started to take over, led by Facebook and YouTube.  Today, most people are obsessed with Facebook, where 4.74 is the new “degrees of separation.”

There are several easy ways to generate Facebook fan page leads including:

  • Manta – This is a directory of small businesses, which categorizes businesses by company revenue.  According to consultant Ken Michaels, targeting businesses under $1 million can have an advantage of ease of contacting the decision maker.  In addition, these businesses often hire-out specialists for specific tasks such as  marketing online, since they really only have time to run the day-to-day operations.
    English: Graph of social media activities

    Image via Wikipedia

  • Yellow Book – In this directory, businesses are listed according to the level of advertising that they currently own:  Gold, Yellow, or Blue.  The ones to target are the ones already spending money on advertising.  In addition, businesses that have paid Yellow Book to create a video can be selected (Note:  the videos that have been produced are very poorly done, including a promotion at the end for Yellow Book!).
  • Social Bakers – This website is a directory of Facebook pages, including the number of fans, and complete details on every existing Facebook page.  The best target businesses are those with between 100 and 300 “likes.”  This is the point where most fan pages “die off.”

Developing leads in an automated fashion can be done with automated systems.  FB Cash Accelerator leverages Social Bakers to generate thousands of leads, in minutes, including contact information when available, applications used, and if the Facebook page has been claimed by the owner.  In addition, a full contact manager is included, including support for virtual assistants and outsourcing the lead generation.


In 2008, the Google slap undercut many Internet PPC marketers, forcing them to find alternative leads sources.  In late 2010, the emerging Facebook giant was looking promising as a paid ads alternative.  But a Facebook slap has followed this year, already shutting down many marketers.  Additional paid traffic sources can be exploited, but the best traffic source in the history of mankind still remains organic search tra.

As the following traffic heat map shows, the majority of search traffic goes to SEO-driven traffic anyway, with only 5% going to paid searchSEO Networker 3.0 training, developed by Raymond Fong and Ferny Cellabos is available for a short time,  providing a complete system that leading experts know, but have been reluctant to share.  The following modules are included:

  1. SEO Traffic 101 – Get inside Google’s secret “voting” methodology and learn how to exploit it for page 1 rankings, as well as the most profitable keywords that include buying intent.
  2. Plan of Attack – How to take over your competitor’s rankings, by exploiting their keywords.
  3. Your Website – Secrets of on-page SEO including critical checklists and tune-ups forgotten by most website designers.  The 80/20 rule of SEO.
  4. Link Building – This is the voting system used by Google.  What type of links will get you the best results and 3 link type strategy.
  5. Advanced Linking – The lazy man’s way to build thousands of links.  The most comprehensive link building resources and tools available anywhere.
  6. Integration of All Parts – Scheduling system to do SEO while you sleep.  The technique to uncover the best keywords to improve your search results.

SEO Networker 3.0 is neither black hat nor white hat, according to Ray.  Although no miracles are possible and lack of effort is the factor leading to most failure, for those interested in a constant stream of traffic and buyers.  In addition the traffic generated will be free after implementing the key training concepts.

Raymond Fong and Ferny Cellabos claim to have invested $350,000 in this training system and are only making it available for a very limited time.

Ensure Website Visibility With Search Engine O...

Image by hongxing128 via Flickr

Fortunately, a 30 day refund policy as well as an introductory video training series will allow subscribers to “test the waters” ahead of time.  These two have been highly successful in the past and are likely to deliver outstanding, exclusive content this tme around as well.  A decision to purchase should be based on a business need for SEO results as well as an appropriate technical apptitude.


ClickBank is arguably the granddaddy of affiliate systems.  Neil Hartley, Director of Business Development for ClickBank, gave an excellent overall summary on a recent webinar, including tips for success as a vendor or affiliate and some overall statistics.  ClickBank today, processes over 35,000 transactions per day among its 50,000 products in hundreds of niche markets.  Its 100,000+ affiliates are paid up to 75% commissions on sales and Clickbank has paid over $1.9 Billion to date.  On average, 40% of ClickBank sales are international

What does it take to get involved with ClickBank?  As explained on the webinar, it’s not really a “Field of Dreams.”  Many vendors and affiliates, wrongly adopt the philosophy of “Build it and they will come.”  It can be a rude awakening for many that a significant level of effort and passion is really needed to achieve that “promised land” success.  Some tips to those who want to achieve significant success using ClickBank’s system are as follows:

  1. Take Action.  Do not procrastinate.  Many spend too much time over educating and/or preparing vs. doing.  Be prepared to fail fast and often, learning from your mistakes.
    Image representing Clickbank as depicted in Cr...

    Image via CrunchBase

  2. Invest in Your Efforts.  Super affiliates invest in their online businesses for software, marketing and outsourcing.  Learn from experts and don’t be afraid to spend money on marketing tools.
  3. Persevere Through Hardship.  Many of the most successful affiliates have attained success only after disappointing initial results.
  4. Believe in Yourself.  Understand the power of your own mind and abilities.  Do not get derailed by negative thoughts.
  5. List Build Around Your Niche.  Super affiliates build strong mailing lists through email capture and then make repeat sales.
  6. Test, Test, Test.  Test everything regularly.  Simulate a visitor’s travels through your site to the order form and beyond.  Test and tweak the language used in your promotions to be sure it is compelling.
  7. Promote Widely.  Use a variety of methods including email marketing, blogs, review sites, and paid methods.  Notice which promotional methods work best for your demographic.

Although ClickBank and affiliate marketing offer significant financial opportunity, it is similar to any business.  A significant level of effort is needed in order to “break-through.”  But for those with drive, stamina, and determination it offers a path to success, unparalleled in time.  And, in fact, the level of investment can be much less than needed for a more traditional business start-up.


Facebook is one of the hottest topics online, although only a minority of marketers are effectively using the platform for marketing.  Becki Andrus began online in 2006 and quit her job in 2007 based on her own successful traffic generation strategies.  She has been moving with the trends vs. using some of the more traditional Internet marketing strategies, although her initial marketing focus was Adwords.  She believes that Google Adwords is too hard today for most due to campaign slaps, adwords account shutdowns, SEO algorithm changes, and higher competition.

Although marketing on alternative platforms, especially Facebook is easier, the Facebook mindset is crucial to understanding marketing on Facebook.  Those trying to blatantly market in their ads will be ignored.  By way of contrast, when Becki quit posting to a fan page due to an emergency situation that came up suddenly in her life, her fans began posting to the page to inquire where she was and that they “missed” her updates.

Marketing on Facebook is about creating relationships.

Today, the average Facebook user spends 33 minutes on the site vs. 20 minutes on Youtube and 13 minutes on Google.  The search engines recognize the importance of social media, with Google’s +1 as key evidence.  In addition, Bing now integrates a user’s profile preferences into it’s search algorithm.  Small businesses now recognize the importance of Facebook, but few know how to leverage it.  Finally, Facebook has become a main source of information; often much better than available on the news sites.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Today, very few marketers are using Facebook due to:

High perceived cost of ads.  But most of this is based on a misunderstanding of how to use Facebook for marketing.

Ineffective ads.  Another misconception, based on using “traditional” marketing methods vs. socially adept marketing.

Personal logins and privacy concerns, mixing business conversations with those of friends.  Again a misunderstanding of how Facebook keeps fan pages completely separate from business accounts

Of today’s 500+ million Facebook users, over half log in every day.  Social relationships are most important and users are there for social interaction and entertainment.  Many people start their day with Facebook, often before brushing their teeth.

Becki uses Facebook for affiliate marketing (creating fan pages in niche markets), opt-ins to build a list, building a blog following, offline marketing, branding (more expensive), and staying connected with current customers (often more effective than email marketing).  Although no website is required, she advises associating a website for list building, since Facebook owns the property.

Fan pages are effective in building a community of people with like interests.  In addition, the news feed creation automatically creates updates for fans.  The viral aspect of these feeds encourages friends of your fans to join and promote your page as well.  And once a page has been established, the use of demographic targeting can be used to keep the costs down.  Split testing is important, in order to maximize effectiveness.  Becki is achieving 80% (up to 98%) conversion (Likes), which isn’t possible with any other type of traffic.