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This blog is devoted to Internet Marketing and Advertising topics with focus from time to time on issues in network marketing and telecommunications.  We have been involved in the marketing and telecommunications industries over 10 years, following some of the Internet’s leading SEO experts.  Much credit goes to the late Kevin Anderson, founder of Cognigen Networks.  Kevin was creator of the replicated web page system for affiliates and fostered much of the creativity in today’s SEO.   Orginally, Cognigen was founded as an agent program and later added a network marketing structured compensation plan before it’s current restructuring as an affiliate program.

Jim Green Enterprises operates as an agency of Telarus Networks, a spin-off from Cognigen Networks.  Telarus is currently one of the most successful agencies for commercial telecommunications and developer of the Geoquote online marketing, lead generation, and customer relations management system.  Jim Green Enterprises makes us of this technology at  t1wizard.com, which provides customers an online telecommunications search capability.

Free Agency ScanWe now also provide local marketing consulting services, via our Team Local Marketing Division, including WordPress Consulting, Reputation Marketing, Google Adwords Management and more.  We offer a free agency scan of a company’s presence online as part of these services, which we use as a basis of determining the best way to help out on a case-by-case basis.