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The 6 Puzzle Pieces Required for Internet Marketing Success

Dr Ben Adkins, a former chiropractor, has developed a multi-million dollar business in Internet Marketing.  Dr. Ben AdkinsOn a recent webinar, he explained some of the factors behind his success, including the puzzle pieces he has put together to make it happen.

He also shared some basics, including:

  • The importance of creating copy that converts customers
  • The importance of creating copy that converts parters
  • The importance of creating copy quickly and being able to repeat the process
  • The importance of understanding the “target” market, including demographic information, their struggles, and how to present solutions to solve their problems.

So what are his keys to success, or “magical puzzle pieces?”  These are the most important skills in the world of Internet marketing, or in any sales endeavor.

  1. The Affiliate Manipulation Page – This is about more than just bringing more traffic to your sales pages.  It’s also about creating more trust in what you offer.
  2. The Trust Trojan Horse – The best example of this is the pre-launch video sequences used by most high-end product launches.
  3. The Web 3.0 Sales Letter – A basic skill of copyrighting is vital.
  4. The Audio Sales Letter – A 30 second to 1 minute synopsis.
  5. The Video Sales Letter – An up-to-date, modern sales page is becoming more and more important all the time.
  6. The Upsell Page – Income can be multiplied by 10 or 100 if communicated correctly.

Unfortunately, the price of entry is high, e.g., Dr. Ben has personally spent over $200,000 and 10,000 hours to get good at these skills.  On the webinar, he related this to the amount he spent in learning his chiropractic trade.  But he now shares a step-by-step methodology with others via his Million Dollar Templates, initially available at $19.95 for the first 500 buyers.

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