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How to Profit from Amazon Publishing

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...
Cover via Amazon

Today, 1 million Kindle devices are sold each week.  The Kindle marketplace is 4,000 times larger than ClickBank.  Amazon has almost 200 million credit cards on file, as one of the most trusted online merchants today.

Amazon’s CreateSpace is a print-on-demand publishing system for authors.  Jay Boyer recommends publishing in both Kindle and CreateSpace formats.  Tip:  Using Snaggit, a cover may be created in CreateSpace and also used for Kindle.

Real Estate is Local:  Success Strategies for Residential Home Sales in Illinois & Wisconsin [Paperback]Jay also recommends becoming your own publishing house, offering print-on-demand service for clients. Doctors, lawyers, realtors and other professionals are often interested in having their own book as a promotional tool for their business.  Elsie Livingston, one of his clients has boosted her own sales as a result of her own book on real estate in Illinois and Wisconsin published by Jay Boyer.  Her book was compiled and written in “interview style.”

Jay has also published his own Amazon and Kindle books on which he is making monthly sales.  One of his secrets is setting up his own “book page” in addition to promoting it within Amazon itself.

Here is an overview of 8 ways that Jay currently uses to generate income on Amazon:

  1. Publish in Both Kindle and CreateSpace
  2. Selling Publishing Services
  3. Choose Title and MetaData for Highest Rank in Amazon
  4. Create a “Book Site,” which also sells your book as a pdf and create a subscriber list.
  5. Use Your Book as a Business Card
  6. Flip Your Book Website
  7. Become an Amazon Bestseller
  8. Use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to Maximum Advantage

Complete details and training in the above methods are available in Jay and JohnS. Rhode’s Amazon Cash Machines product.  Their course provides quick start guides as well as detailed training in thedetailed how-to’s needed for success with Amazon.  An overview of the course  along with Jay and John’s tips for Amazon publishing is available in a replay of their promotional webinar.


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