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Amazon Kindle Publishing – Compiling vs. Creating Content

Tanner Larson is a leading expert in Amazon publishing and Kindle product creation.  Tanner is, in part, responsible for the recent smash-hit product, Kindle Triangulation by James Jones.  He teaches the “Lazy Writer’s How-to Method” and “30 Questions” methods for Amazon publishing.

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Amazon sells an average of 33,000 physical books and 60,000 Kindle books per day.  What are the advantages of publishing on Amazon?  For one,  CreateSpace‘s average royalty payout is $6.30.  This is much higher than the average $.25 or $.30 royalty for a book sale in traditional publishing channels.  In addition, having a published book, is often viewed as confirmation of “expert” status in an author’s niche field.

Tanner’s methods involve compiling vs. creating new content.  His Lazy Writer Method involves finding a “how-to” topic/project that can be taught through pictures.  B&W printing is best in order to keep costs down and maximize profits.  In 2011, Tanner sold 1,497 units and earned about $12,000 on CreateSpace.  His research before writing involves:

  • Searching Amazon Marketplace – Look at best selling books in your niche and quantity of reviews for validation.
  • Google Search the Topic – Pay attention to the ads people are paying for.
  • Use Keyword Tool to Estimate Traffic –  Find keywords related to your topic, regardless of competition.

Tanner also suggests creating a series in your niche in order to encourage sales.  In the case of a related series, Amazon will help you by suggesting all the books in your series whenever someone buys just one.  Human nature and fear of loss play into this as well:  “Why buy 1 book, when you can get the whole set?”

Conversations with MillionairesIn the 30 Question Method, borrowed from Jason Oman is an interview style product.  Using 30 questions relating to your topic, find 5 to 15 experts to interview.  Conduct a phone or Skype interview and pay to have the interviews transcribed.  Write an introduction and conclusion chapter, convert to PDF, and upload to Amazon.  Conversations with Millionaires by Jason Oman is one of the best examples of this technique, which made him over $100K in 2002.  Experts are glad to participate, since they gain enhanced status in their field, especially by being linked to other influential leaders.

Tanner’s  Amazon Publishing Formula offers an excellent guide for both beginners and established authors that want to take advantage of the reach and ease of publishing available in both CreateSpace and Kindle channels.

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