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Blogging Strategy – 5 Ways to Develop Fresh Ideas Daily

In this article, we discuss an item that many people, particularly those new to blogging, are asking.  How can I continue coming up with fresh ideas on a daily basis?  For those just entering the realm of the blogosphere, the task before them seems daunting.  That is until you actually consider how much content is delivered on a 24×7 basis daily, non stop via print, television, radio, and or course the Internet and suddenly realize that a lot of people are doing this professionally. So why can’t I?

Some describe the experience of sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper, having no idea what to write.  Of course, in today’s vernacular, it is a blank document in Microsoft Word, Google Apps, or “Add New Post” form in WordPress.  Where do I begin?

Of course, we think you must consider the SEO value and competition for most , if not all your content.  Why publish content if it’s just going to drown in the sea of the blogosphere?  So do your keyword research upfront.  Here are the 5 ways to generate new content on a daily basis:

  1. Write a review of a new company in your industry.  Although in this case the company, being new may not get a lot of search traffic yet, but being the first reviewer can get you upfront in the search engines, which is usually hard for others to displace.
  2. Write a review of an emerging leader in the industry.  For some of these people who haven’t attracted a lot of SEO review articles, you may be able to find a fairly popular keyword.  Obviously you’re going to need some inside information for this.  What we use is information freely being shared by some of the emerging leaders in our attraction marketing system and network marketing company.  You should have plenty of information to enable you to do likewise.
  3. Listen to informational webinars and summarize the content.  One of the first articles on this blog was a review of David Wood’s Article Marketing webinar and we’ve repeated thoughts from that session within many articles.  There was enough material in this one session for several separate articles.
  4. Write a review of a book you have read recently or summarize the most important points that you got from the book.
  5. Get any self help book down off the dusty shelf and open to a random page.  If an idea jumps out at you, use that as your topic.  Do some research on it as needed and create your own original content based on this idea.

There are countless other ways to generate ideas.  Keep a notepad by your bed and in strategic places so you can make notes when ideas come to mind.  Put your thinking cap on and let the creative juices start flowing.  Go to your favorite place; not a place of relaxation necessarily, but prayer and meditation  can definitely produce ideas for you as well.  Soon you’ll have all the ideas you need and a full-fledged member of the blogosphere’s growing ranks.

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