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Building a List Using Twitter

Marc Barrett recently shared how he has been able to build a list of over 100,000 using Twitter, and use this list to build his MLM business.  His first career choice was a commercial diver.  He eventually became a commercial real estate developer, but when the market crashed in 1998, he turned to online marketing and network marketing.  After getting some good coaching from some of his mentors, he realized that network marketing is a numbers game.  He developed a “sifting” program using newspaper ads and a marketing funnel, and eventually retired making $1.5 million per year.  In 2003/4 he reentered the industry and began doing online marketing.

In online marketing, the power is in the list.  The bigger the list, the more traffic you can drive to your products or opportunity.  Most online marketers consider themselves highly successful if they develop a list of 10,000 to 20,000.  Marc suggests putting this aside and starting to think big.

Marc leverages Twitter to develop a huge list, e.g., over 100,000.  He uses TweetAdder and multiple accounts (set up only one per day), which are variations of your brand, name or industry hot-button names.  A different email account is needed for each Twitter account.  He uses twitrbackgrounds.com for background pictures and 4 or 5 different profile photos (actual pictures).  He suggests turning off notifications.

Tweet Adder can be used to find and follow people in your niche interest area, e.g., for Marc it is network marketing. He follows about 500 people at a time using the automation software.

The system can be used to automatically unfollow people who don’t follow you back.  Marc uses tweet spinning in order to randomize content, always keeping track of his work in an Excel spreadsheet.  He uses a list of 250 to 500 tweets that can be recycled.  Although it takes some work to setup, his method works on auto-pilot.  When he advertises a marketing seminar to his list, he immediately gets 70 to 100 signups from his list, which is now over 150,000.

twitter fail image
twitter fail image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He also uses tools like Hootsuite to add daily tweet updates to multiple accounts and for impending events.  Although Twitter is a great tool, Marc suggests not putting all eggs in one basket.  What if Twitter changes the rules of the game tomorrow?

There several additional features of TweetAdder, include thank you messages that make this marketing method particularly easy.

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