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Copywriting – Quickly Developing Essential Skills

Copywriting is one of only a few skills that enables you to work a few hours a day and earn $10,000 per month.  Quick earnings are possible, starting from nothing.  It is possible to work from anywhere, anytime.  Copywriting skills, essentially, are invaluable in today’s marketplace.

Truman was so widely expected to lose the 1948 election that the Chicago Tribune ran this incorrect headline. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2012, the demand for copywriting skills is higher than ever.  Today, here are more information products on the market than ever.  There are also more email autoreaponders and more advertising platforms then at any time.  At the same time, the quality of copy has decreased in recent time, possibly due to the “lure” of push button products.

“A headline is 80 cents of your dollar.” David Ogilvie.

Jason Fladlien’s copywriting methodology focuses on mainly three things:

  • Headline – 4/5 people will either read your offer or not based on the headline.  Three things are needed in order to construct a compelling headline:

–Calls out target audience by name – Hint: target the most profitable segment of a niche.

“The simplest way you can improve a headline is to be more specific with whom it targets”

–Offers attractive solution to a desperate problem.  Factors in the ultimate solution include:  instant gratification, believability, ease, simplicity, convenience, and redemption.

— Creates compelling intrigue to prod further investigation.  Hint at the answer so the reader will continue reading.

  • Offer – Positions and “frames” the sale.
  • Urgency – 1/3 are fence sitters, who must be “pushed” slightly to make a decision.

Most people who attempt to create copy for themselves have boring guarantees, lackluster positioning of the offer, and get an A+ on the “cringe test.”  According to Jason Fladlien, even 4/5 “professional copywriters” who make thousands per sales letter miss important essentials of creating good copy.  His copy eclass has been extremely successfull in improving the skills of many internet marketers.  The live training is now available for a limited time (the first in several years).

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