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Increasing Goal Commitment – Decreasing Uncertainty

As you may have noticed we’ve instituted a  90 Day Attraction Marketing Challenge and goal to increase the production of content for this blog.  The strategy and challenge is to update on a daily basis with both written content and video(s).  The duration is 90 days; and today is the halfway point.  So how is it going?

The experiment has been interesting and certainly yielded much higher production than previously achieved since inception of our blog here.  Out of 99 articles on the blog, 45 have been added in the last month and a half.  Similarly our YouTube channel has just about doubled in video content during this period.

However, in addition to blogging, we have wanted to increase the number of articles and videos submitted through article marketing and video marketing.  In the first 30 days, we incorporated video marketing and started adding article marketing (will full spinning and submission) in the last two weeks.  As of this writing, these processes have been completed at total of 38 times for video marketing using Traffic Geyser and article marketing 9 times using Automatic Article Submitter.

So how’s the blog traffic going?  According to SEM Rush, our Google search engine traffic grew from 10 before starting out to 60 by mid July, which was based solely on a couple of weeks of video submissions.  August statistics should be interesting, when available, since some article marketing had also been started by that time.  Since beginning to incorporate article marketing at the first of this month, the number of opt-in leads to our blog training and affiliate offers has noticeably increased, which is at this point a very encouraging sign.  As mentioned previously, this strategy, although admittedly at a higher level yielded about 500 visits per day in 90 days for David Wood, who is an attraction marketing specialist that came up with this methodology.  For further details on his specific strategy, we refer the reader to David Wood’s training webinar from 2009.

What about commitment?  Obviously positive feedback is a great motivator, as it tends to increase level of belief in the process being used to move forward toward the goal.  We can only speculate on our own continuing commitment, but plan on again redoubling our efforts and even to pick up the pace to a new level.  What better time than the half-way point in our challenge.

In order to finish strong, our commitment at this point is to continue adding daily content to this blog and to increase the goal of article marketing submissions to two per day, while submitting two videos per day until caught up in the sequence.  Currently 38 of the 45 videos have been submitted via Traffic Geyser.

Successful achievement of goals depends on keeping daily activities at a high level.  In order to do this, a good feedback of positive results is important, but when results can’t be visibly seen a certain belief in the process must take over.  Without strong belief that a chosen vehicle will take you to your chosen destination, few will engage the process.

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