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List Building With Social Media

Roxanne Monette-Thompson recently trained on using Facebook shares to build an email marketing list.  Her method, which is free, can be used whether or not you have a product of your own.  Her technique is evergreen, and reportedly will “kill” the bright shiny object syndrome, which now plagues many Internet marketers.  She currently earns about $3k monthly in only about 5 hours per week.  How does it work?

Roxanne Monette-Thompson

Roxanne suggests using reworked PLR from Master-Resale-Rights.com or to create your own “free” guide or report which relates to your target audience.  In order to give people access to your “free” product, a squeeze page is used to capture prospects’ name and email.  An autoresponder can be used (MailChimp is free for a small list).  Roxanne suggests setting up a business email account vs. using your personal email address.  Next, a webinar service would be needed (up to 200 attendees are allowed using AnyMeeting.com).  An affiliate offer via the Warrior Forum, Clickbank, or other affiliate program.  Finally a social media account, e.g., Facebook and Paypal account are needed.

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Next, Roxanne suggests posting content on  Fan Pages in related niches.  After a couple of days, a link to your squeeze pages can be included.  She develops a list, which can often go viral due to the nature of social media.  She also tries to develop a relationship with the Fan Page owner, who often hasn’t made any attempt to monetize their page.  She offers to do a joint webinar in which she shares profits with the page owner, promoting her own products or affiliate products.  In some cases the affiliate product owner will actually participate on the webinar.

Her detailed methodology is offered in her List Machine training course, which can take a new marketer from ground zero to earning an online income.  In addition, her detailed instructions make it easy to outsource and/or use virtual assistants for the entire process.  Although simple, her training is very complete, and potentially very useful to a newcomer to Internet marketing.  Finally, just about any business owner would benefit, although most usually would prefer to stick to the “main thing” and find a marketer skilled in this approach.

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    • Marah 6:12 pm

      Hi Jim,

      Frequency builds trust and drives your message home. Advertising without frequency is rarely effective. Marketers rely on list building to repeatedly reach their audience and achieve their target frequency levels.

      internet marketing Long Beach

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