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Making Money With Amazon Kindle Publishing – Is it A Scam?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos starts his High Orde...
Amazon founder Jeff BezosPhoto credit: Wikipedia)

Jeff Bezos started Amazon with the intention of becoming the world’s largest bookstore.  As one of the few survivors of the 2000 era dot com bust, he is a well-respected visionary.  His vision now sees digital publishing as the vehicle for Amazon to be able to attain his lofty goals.  In order for his ideas to become a reality, Amazon will need many authors involved in the Kindle publishing process.  This is opening up some big entrepreneurial opportunities for those who enjoy writing and creating content online.

Of particular note, Oprah Winfrey is one of Kindle’s biggest fans, which surely doesn’t hurt.  And there is an obvious positive trend, in light of the fact that Kindle is now sold by Walmart and  most other leading retailers.  Amazon has had to hire an additional 900 people in Scotland in order to keep up with the demand.Oprah Recommends Kindle

Ty Cohen recently shared his own results in publishing Kindle content on Amazon over the last 15 months, and offered  some tips and tools that can help individuals tap into this market.   One of the biggest success stories in Kindle publishing is Amanda Hocking, a 26 year old girl from Minnesota, who was featured in Forbes Magazine based on her success earning millions publishing for Kindle.  What are the possibilities for this type of enterprise for an average person?

In Ty’s case, although he stresses his own earnings may not be typical, he has been able to make over $10K in a single month publishing for Kindle.  Ty believes that this is a digital diamond mine that has been discovered by relatively few online marketers. One of his initial checks (monthly) was $2,873.13, at which time he says he wasn’t even seriously marketing.  After some focus, he soon received a check for $8,403.84.  And to top it off, Ty hates to write and doesn’t even own a Kindle himself!

Ty’s methods are proprietary and cannot be published in this article, however, we are able to make others aware of the concept and how to gain access.  That being said, we can say that what he offers is simple enough for his 12-year old daughter to participate in publishing his content, which generate about $2,000 on monthly revenue.

Although we haven’t personally tried Ty’s Kindle Cash Flow training course it is likely that we will “test the waters” in the next several months in the Kindle or Nook publishing marketplace, in some way.  We can say that Ty’s content and methods are compelling enough that they appear worth the effort, as long as a decent effort is made.  We don’t think the idea is a scam, although Ty’s courseware is fairly expensive.  We do advise the reader to do their own due diligence before investing in any tools, training, and coaching programs.

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(8) Comments

    • Terry Telford 12:02 pm

      Initially my feeling was that yes Ty’s course is a bit pricey. Because of his asking price I went in with someone else to buy it. I have to admit, he covers a lot of material and some areas a bit to much, but if you are a newbie you’ll appreciate that. I have been publishing ebooks to kindle for almost 18 months now and would say that the price point is more than worth it, you’ll make that back and than some. Just my two cents

    • Jim 12:41 pm

      Thanks for your feedback, Terry.

    • Tom Guard 10:13 am

      I’m was an affiliate for this product. Like Isaid “was.” Infusionsoft shut down one of the squeeze pages for spam. If you copy and paste this url, you’ll see that they were flagged for spam. musicbizcenter.infusionsoft.com/go/kcf/guardinator/

      This has really made a lot of affiliates mad. Especially the one’s who were using this url to get the cookie to make some money.

    • Harriet Uitz 7:21 pm

      Hey this is a good post. Am I Able To use a lot of it on my own wellness and weightloss blog? I most certainly will obviously hyperlink to your website so folks can see the whole content if they needed to. Many thanks in any case.

    • Jim 8:12 pm

      Yes, as long as you attribute the source.

    • Bert 1:57 pm

      This course is very extensive and helpful. Because of life events that have happened I have not been able to focus on selling ebooks at this time. I would be happy to resell this course to someone who is interested in it. It is an extensive course and in excellent condition. Will sell for half the cost of new. feel free to email me at: bertstubbs@rocketmail.com

    • Eric 9:06 pm

      Bert do you still have the course?

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