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Plugin Hotshot by Jason Fladlien – Product Review

Jason Fladlien is regarded by most as the new Internet marketing wunderkind.  His latest product puts his talent on realtime display, as well as reveals many of the secrets that has allowed his company, Rapid Crush Consulting, to make a transition from information products to leading software developer in the last year.Jason Fladlien's Product Creation Secrets - Plugin Hot Shot

Jason is a self-proclaimed WordPress plugin addict.  He buys everything that he sees on the market, but with a method and strategy to his madness.  His latest product offering, Plugin Hotshot, was developed during his popular Product eClass, as a live example for his students.  This product is to be offered for sale, but his eClass students have the first shot at promoting it.

What most marketers haven’t realized beforehand is that Rapid Crush Consulting rarely develops software “from scratch.”  Rather, their methodology makes use of research, negotiation, and refinement of products that may be offered on venues such as the Warrior Forum with resell rights.  But even if a product doesn’t come with such rights, Jason often will offer to buy products that may have a promising potential if properly marketed.

Whose  methodology does this bring to mind?  Can anyone say Microsoft’s Bill Gates?  Jason believes that as the Internet’s information and software products industry matures, there will be a tendency to consolidate, as a products publisher model replaces the current “wild west” environment.

Plugin Hot Shot, Jason’s newest product, simply documents some of the successful methodology that his company has used to create an amazing level of success recently.  It covers the development process as well as the level of support needed by a company seeking to do an adequate job in the software arena.  When done correctly, however, the rewards can be significant.  Rapid Crush has developed one of the industry’s best line of products related to the popular WordPress platform, including:

English: This is a screenshot of an example wi...
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  • WP Local Pro – An excellent WordPress theme, which is very popular with local business consultants.  Using this theme is easy and produces very professional looking websites that don’t look like a typical WordPress blog.
  • WP FanPro – An innovative WordPress-based customization tool for Facebook lovers.
  • WP MobilePro – A tool to develop, increasingly important mobile-compatible versions of any website.
  • WP Twin – Simple WordPress backup system.

These are just a few of the innovative plugins developed by Jason Fladlien and his team at Rapid Crush.  His Hotshot Plugin product is a must read for those that seek to survive and thrive in the rapidly changing Internet marketing environment.

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