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Have All the Best Product Creation Ideas Been Taken Already?

Ideas are the Basis of Progress. Every Improve...
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Is the “heyday” of Internet information products now over?  Although it may be currently more difficult to market online information products, this is far from true.  New products are being created on a daily basis.  In many ways, Internet information products are similar to books in the more traditional publishing industry. After all, aren’t online products usually just e-books?

First of all, just because an idea has been taken, doesn’t mean you can’t create your own improved or targeted version.  As in any industry there are usually several major competitors present in order to give consumers a choice and the lowest possible prices through competition.  In addition, consider just how many ideas that exist as products today didn’t even exist 6 months ago.

Why then is it considered difficult to create new products by many Internet marketers?  Or, why do many get stuck?

Jason Fladlien of Rapid Crush Consulting believes in cutting the fluff from products.  In other words, “one product, one solution.”  What is just one way to run a Facebook ads campaign, for example?  Jason’s first product was called “How to write an article in 7 minutes or less.”  His product, published Nov 12th, 2007 sold initially for $4.  At the time, Paypal took over 10%, and he had 268 sales in less than 24 hours.  He increased the price to $7 and later to $17 and continued to make more sales.  Even today, selling for $47, the same product earned him $188 in 10 days this month.

But isn’t Jason an accomplished copywriter, and don’t  you need to be Superman to do this?  Not according to Jason, because in his experience, speed is the most important factor holding most back from their own breakthrough.  Profits from low cost, simple products can be used to invest in future products.  And success is inevitable, because every completed product adds an asset to your business regardless of whether or not it produces immediate financial return.

Can anyone do this, really?  Most people are held back by their own belief systems, which must usually be destroyed first.  Jason’s own success came through a simple principle of first creating a product in one sitting of two hours or less.  After this, he was he able to move on to creation of more in depth, complex products.  Jason’s Rapid Crush software products are also often the result of leveraging existing works that haven’t been properly marketed, further keeping the process as simple as possible.  Concentrating on bite-sized chunks can increase your own belief system through your own initial results.

Jason shares his “secrets” only in an invitation only webinar and his product creation eclass (now closed) including these and additional concepts from his own success.  So, as an entrepreneur, whether you’re looking to become an author or the next Internet marketing sensation, this may be the place to be.  It is certainly worth a look if you believe you just might have that spark within that needs to be released.

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