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How to Trade Products for Money Using PowerPoint and Screen Capture Videos

youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

PowerPoint may be one of the most under-appreciated software packages on the Internet marketer’s hard drive.  But slide presentations have been the leading presentation tool for decades.  Daniel Hall uses PowerPoint to create publications, e.g., the #17 Bestseller at one time on Amazon, “Cervenzia Fria – 30 Minutes to All the Vacation Spanish You’ll Ever Need,” over five years ago.  He also did a 6 part series on how to become a speaker on cruise ships in 2006.  He is creator of the “Real Fast” brand of information products, which encompasses a popular series of information products for online marketers.

In 2011 consumers spent $6 billion on physical  information products.

Image via Wikipedia

There are 3 steps to his process of monetizing PowerPoint, including getting traffic, creating effective messages, and making money.  Using PowerPoint to get free traffic rests on the concept that valuable content already exists in your mind, on your blog, etc.    Then, given this main assumption, the steps for leveraging your content using PowerPoint are as follows:

  • Converting articles and blog posts into PowerPoint slide shows.  This can be done by first creating a template that brands content to your website, and then cut/pasting content from your article or blog post into the PowerPoint template.  Before recording, set-up the slideshow to allow a custom user size, to match YouTube‘s 640×480 default as closely as possible.
  • Recording with Jing.  All you have to do is start recording and read your article to create a SWF file.
  • Converting SWF to AVI using www.flash-swf-converter.com.
  • Upload to YouTube and others including Vimeo, MySpace Videos, etc.  In the description field, begin with the URL you want your visitors to visit and to make a “clickable” link to generate free traffic and a backlink.  Then, take them to a squeeze page from there that includes a free offer in order to capture their email information.  Note also that vid.ly offers unlimited length video service that produces content compatible with almost all mobile devices.
  • Upload to SlideShare.net, AuthorStream.com, SlideBoom.com, etc.
  • Convert to pdf (using Google Docs) and give away on Scribd.com, Calameo.com, Docshare.com, etc.

Other ideas include using Join.me for free conferencing and/or uploading your content to GoogleDocs, and making public in order to avoid the overhead of GoToWebinar.  Some key ideas to consider for most effective messaging include:

  • More pictures and less words, e.g., PowerPix.com
  • Custom backgrounds (frame text using money for subliminal messaging) for slides; always using large black text (bold 24 non-serif fonts, e.g. Arial) on white background
  • Include a professional picture on your slides (use Fiverr.com for custom images) and use the same branding from your website
  • Put your URL in the lower third of each slide
  • Include a call to action in every PowerPoint
  • Tell your story for credibility
  • Rehearse your slides and know what to say, solving your prospects’ problems
  • Repeat the important content three times

When trading products for money, the use of your time is more effective than when trading time for money.

As far as making money goes, there are several reasons people will buy your content, which must be considered, including making money for themselves, saving money, escaping or relieving pain, buyer pleasure and/or saving time.  For most effective communications and impact you should cover each of these advantages in your close.   Watch a video overview by Daniel for more information.  His method provides a method for creating physical products from traditional Internet-based information products to facilitate truly making more trading products for money vs. trading time for money.

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(2) Comments

    • Sandra 3:51 am

      You can convert PowerPoint presentations to video files very easily with Smart PPT Converter. It’s not complicated at all – the software basically does it all for you. Here’s a link in case you’d like to try it: http://www.ppt-to-video-converter.com

    • Jim 9:15 am

      Sorry I forgot to mention CamStudio free software in my blog post. Is there something this program does that CamStudio does not?

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