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15 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

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As my blog following grew, my WordPress site slowed down. I wanted to blame my host, but I knew there was more to it than that. So, I dug into the nitty gritty to find out what was wrong with my blog and I found out there was a lot wrong. A lot.

Before running and making major changes to you blog, it’s probably a good idea if speed is really an issue.

How to Find Out if Your Blog is Slow

Finding out you have a slow blog is easy. You could visit it on a browser you seldom use. Or, you could do it the more legit way: The Google Page Speed tool. Simply type your blog url into the field, hit submit, and out pops an answer!

Why Page Speed Matters

You might be thinking, “Well, if WordPress is known to slow things down, why should I care? I mean everyone else’s website is slow.” True that. There are a lot of slow sites. And hey, Internet speeds are faster these days so why do you need a fast site? These are great reasons to be slightly apathetic about your blog’s speed, but there are plenty of reasons you should be concerned.  Read More Here

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