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Where the Internet is Headed – Curated Content

Harlan Kilstein has done extensive proof to substantiate his theory of where the Internet is headed – Content Curation.  This is important information due to the pace and rate of change involved in the Internet.  The most common Internet marketing strategyDespite this, many people are operating where the Internet “used to be.”  Today, the most popular animal online is the Copy Cat, according to Harlan.

Great hockey players are where the puck is going to be – W. Gretzky

For years, Matt Cutts, who is the main Google architecht has been saying that the main online differentiator is great content.  When you provide maximum value to people coming to your site, you will get good rankings and massive traffic.

But, Google today is very badly broken.  Spam sites are showing up vs. more important results that are not immediately available.  Google is trying to fix itself with all the new algorithms, e.g., Panda, Penguin, and others.  Curated content has and will be the solution to these problems.

On of the world’s biggest curator, surprisingly, is IBM.  In one year alone, IBM was able to create 4x more content than usual using the principle of curation.  IBM programmers used a special site to share the best content that they had found most useful.

A curator is someone who organizes and makes the Internet understandable and relevant.  Why is this important?  Just ask CNN.  In the past year, CNN has lost half of it’s web visitors. 


They don’t know what to do in light of their existing paradigm of sharing what they feel to be most important (assuming everyone want to see it).  What they didn’t do was come up with a way of organizing according to give people what they want to see.  But they are evolving and have invested heavily in an app (i.e., Zite) that is helping to solve their dilemma.  Zite is a personalized magazine for iPad and iPhone, which provides a “personalized” curation experience for users.

A Secret Weapon for Combatting the Google Panda UpdateHarlan Kilstein has the most successful blog curation training and services that exist today online.  He offers his ongoing advice and consulting to his students, including his own “secret weapons” that allow you to stay ahead of all Google’s furry little animals.

What other courses/resources are available?  For one, Curation Traffic is a content curation WordPress theme you fully control and use to get traffic, show your offers and build your email list.  The plugin integrates with Twitter, automatically notifying the curated content author, Pinterest and several other social sharing sites.

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(1) Comments

    • Scott Scanlon 10:49 pm


      I wanted to thank you for mentioning Curation Traffic in your post. Everything you said is spot on, I’d add one more thing as well. Curation works great for both the person just getting started with content and the seasoned content marketer.

      For the person just getting started you can really learn the art of content by curating for a while. For the seasoned content marketer it allows you to really capture traffic you wouldn’t of ordinarily had.

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