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Kudani Content Curation Software Overview

Paul CliffordPaul Clifford started out in the corporate world, building large online software systems.  But, he left, since he felt a slave to corporate world.  He struggled for two years before having some success in SEO and as a developer of turn-key SEO solutions for his customers.

Today, his focus is curation, since it provides the best solution in meeting marketers’ needs as well as those of Google.  Since there is a plethora of good content now, e.g., too much to sort through, Google is today looking for curators, validated using social proof for validity. Google+ is especially important helping Google to select the best results.

The curation modelFor best results, a site must be connected to social media, and fully tweaked for on-page SEO, directly relevant to queries, and consistent using the query deserves freshness (QDF) concept.  Google is looking for fresh content for trending search queries, validated by social interaction.  Curation involves the use of existing content (with attribution) that includes a title with relevant keywords, an introduction, summary, and use of a portion of the original content.  Finally, articles on your site should be interlinked using anchor text (Paul recommends using the Clickbump theme for one method of doing this).

Some tips for creating compelling content on your way to an authority site are:

  • Use of Trending Keywords
  • Use of Catchy Titles that Provide QuickSolutions to Problems
  • Use the Description to Sell Your Solution in the Search Results

Kudani software provides a solution to providing all of the components and attributes needed for curation, including feeds from blogs from across the web (additional feeds may be included to those provided in the system by default).

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