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A 6 Step Formula to Generate Passive Earnings from Kindle Publishing

Brian G. Johnson, one of the best known among Internet marketers, recently shared a new formula for online earnings which can generate recurring payments indefinitely.  Brian was a professional chef for over 20 years, prior to a successful Internet marketing career which began in 2002.  His focus has always been driving free traffic and then converting visitors into sales.brian g johnson

Since 2008, he has been teaching Internet marketers his successful methods.  One of his most successful programs to date was Commission Ritual (now closed), which became the success formula for many new marketers.  He has been a Clickbank premiere member for over 3 years.

His newest product (which he has been sharing openly on free webinars), Revenge Formula, will have a far bigger impact than previously available in Commission Ritual.  His new formula provides a diversification from Google, which has led to the frustration of many affiliate marketers with their guidance to “avoid cookie cutter programs like affiliate systems.”

Brian has noted that marketers have trouble “finishing” things and creating assets in their business.  As an test case for his new formula, he recently created a 1200 word children’s book for which he didn’t write the content or create a cover; rather outsourced these for under $100.  In the first three month he made approximately $600 in earnings from publishing on Kindle.  

His 6 Step formula, which must be followed in order is as follows:

  1. Piggyback Promo:  Select a category by finding 3 books that have been published at least 60 days with best seller rank of 15,000 or below in order to identify a selling topic, or category that is already driving a lot of sales.
  2. Traffic Revenge:  In order to drive traffic from both Google and Amazon, do keyword search in order to put some top searched terms in the book title.  Brian’s book, Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss, is #2 in its category.  His kids book:  Space: A Kid’s Book About Space is ranked #4 for the search term “space” on Amazon.  Use keyword mining from Amazon’s Kindle Store search for the book title (part 1).  The Google search suggestions can be used to validate that users are seaching for books about this topic.
  3. Money Multipliers:  Cover creation  methods.  Search google for “premade covers,” to find covers for about $20 or order three Fiverr gigs and choose the best.  After updating the initial cover for his Smoothies book, originally published in 2012, Brian’s sales have increased dramatically this year.
  4. Review Madness:  Encourage customer reviews within Amazon’s terms of service, e.g., don’t offer any compensation for reviewing your book.
  5. Magic Bullet Books:  If you know someone who is good at a particular skill, e.g., dog training, make an offer to partner with them to create a book as a joint venture.  Brian also suggests templates for categories he’s had the most success with.
  6. Push Button Promos:  Give away the book, e.g., 5 free promo days every 90 days are allowed (not using all days consecutively).  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are suggested as good days for an initial free promotion, saving two days for later in the cycle.

Brian suggests publishing a few books a month using his methods and honing/fine tuning the system by selecting quality outsourcers that are found in the process.  In addition, Brian has developed a publishing and training system, Revenge of the Affiliates, for Kindle that simplifies the overall process.  His product automatically compresses and resizes images (good for image-heavy books) and creates a file for easy upload to Amazon’s Kindle publishing system.  His training also includes additional traffic and outsourcing bonus training.

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