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A 7 Step Approach to Developing Niche Markets on Facebook

Brittany Lynch presented an excellent niche marketing webinar recently on a session sponsored by James Jones.  Brittany previously worked as an account strategist on the Google Adwords team, assisting large businesses with their campaigns.  Since leaving Google, she has tried 3 business models as an internet entrepreneur, the first two which didn’t bring her the income she was looking for.  Today, she builds websites, e.g., landing pages targeted to micro niches for her primary income source.  Here is the specific method she is now using successfully in niche internet marketing:

  1. Find a niche to market, according to your own personal interests.  Use Dummies.com to determine the interest in the marketplace for your particular interest area.  Dummies.com has already done much of the research on questions people are asking in your niche and you can use this as a basis for developing your niche.
  2. Check out products that exist on Clickbank.com that you may be able to market in your niche.  Select any applicable products as well as some of the copy from their sales pages.
  3. Check Google search results for advertisers using paid ads for this niche market, indicating that it is profitable.
  4. Create a Facebook business page to be used as a landing page for your campaign.  This will save you the cost of a hosting account and separate landing page.
  5. Do a Google search to find free content applicable to your niche.  Add this information, e.g., tips in your niche market, as posts on your Facebook business page.
  6. Add a post recommending your affiliate offer, using very casual language, but don’t make this the last post on the page.  Add several more posts with helpful content, so that people won’t immediately think of your page as a blatant ad.
  7. Use Quantcast.com to find the demographics for your niche according to websites that are currently using Google ads campaigns.  Using this research, you can now  setup a Facebook ads campaign.  Nice photos for your ads can be found on iStock.com for under $1.


Niche marketing expert
Niche marketing expert (Photo credit: shawnzrossi)

Brittany Lynch’s method is proven and the value provided on this free webinar was immense.  We highly recommend her as a source of successful internet niche marketing methods.  For further information in internet marketing in the network marketing niche, check out her new 2K in 3 Days Masterclass.


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