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Jason Fladlien’s Product Creation Formula

Jason Fladlien, Internet MarketerJason Fladlien is, arguably, one of the most successful online marketers today.  His products lead the industry in several categories, with a focus on WordPress themes, plugins, etc.  He also produces outstanding information products using a “two-hour” product creation formula:

One Sitting, One Problem, One Solution

Jason’s first product created this way was a 7 page, $4 report:  “How to write an article in 7 minutes or less,” published Nov 12th, 2007.  He bought a $20 ad, and sold 268 copies in 24 hours (and now had a list of buyers).  He raised the price to $7 the next week and $17 the following week.  Today, this report sells for $47, and still makes him almost $200 monthly.

He believes that anyone with “some” ambition, a bit of focus, and a good amount of desire could do the same using his “single-sitting” formula.  He’s found that with his consulting clients, just a little push sometimes can be the difference in getting their first significant sales online and getting underway for 6-figure annual earnings.

One of Jason’s “secrets” is to not focus on “big” benefits vs. actual problems (or pains) that people are experiencing.  Products that solve these type of problems will produce the most sales.  An immediate pain with a fast solution is the type of products that warrant focus.

Jason offers a 9 week “Product eClass” which has produced several 6-figure earners, and is available only on a limited basis via invitation-only webinar.  To register for his upcoming webinars, use this link.

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