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How to Make Money on Amazon – Publishing for Kindle

James Jones has been publishing on Amazon for over three years.  Earlier this year, he sold of $750 in books he published for Kindle.  James believes that this is something anyone can do.  In a recent webinar, he demonstrated how to publish an ebook for Kindle in under 60 minutes, including time to explain what he was doing.  His new creation on this session was Detox Tips for Beginners, using the pen name of Fred Smith.

Kindle DX and Kindle 2
Kindle DX and Kindle 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

James suggests using Private Label Rights (PLR) vs. writing content yourself or hiring a ghost writer.  Where can you find the content?  One suggestion is checking for any PLR rights you may have from products you have downloaded as part of other material.  Another suggestion is a search for PLR content on Google.  In addition to the basic content, a cover image, title, description, category and keyword tags are needed.

  • Content – Find on your hard drive,  by doing a Google search (“PLR ebook collection”), or purchase a PLR collection.  Convert to a pdf using Word, Open Office, or online using Neevia.com.
  • Cover Image – This is usually provided with PLR you may have on your hard drive.  If no you can use the advanced search at sxc.hu to find a good free image for the cover.  Some of the first images are “premium,” which display on sxc.hu, but there are enough “free” images to satisfy the need
  • Title – Use the existing title provided with the PLR.
  • Description – You may need to write a short description based on the content of the PLR, or simply copy from the table of contents of the PLR.
  • Category – Pick category or categories from the list at Amazon when uploading your book.
  • Keywords – The Google Keywords tool may be used to download.

James uses a pen name when publishing his books for Kindle, in order to minimize the possibility or people searching for all his content.  His books are published with worldwide rights.  He uses the 70% royalty option, which includes a delivery fee (about $.01), but is generally better than the 35% option.  He uses an odd pricing under $5, e.g., $4.93 so that his books stand out from others using more common price points.

James has software that can assist this process, called “Ultimate PLR Collection,” which includes an ebook publisher and over 30,000 PLR articles.  According to James, the best selling article categories for the purpose of Kindle publishing include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Health and Fitness
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Travel and Leisure

Update, Feburary 2013:  The methodology taught here no longer works exactly as demonstrated, since Amazon now rejects books based entirely on PLR, with no changes.  Using this method requires some additional work to modify the PLR content.  We recommend using PLR only as a basis for ideas and “jumping-off point,” when publishing for Kindle or on CreateSpace.

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