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Publishing on Amazon Quickly and Easily in Under 4 Hours

A major free traffic source on the Internet today is publishing a book on Amazon.  After publishing his first book and showing it to his daughter, Keith Daugherty’s daughter Katrina Pate published “21 Ways a Kid Can Make Money: Simple Everyday Methods for Kids to Earn Money” on Amazon. Katrina Pate on Good Morning Florida Show Within 4 days, she was featured on Good Morning South Florida.

Getting traffic is what  most people believe is limiting their success online.  Amazon currently gets 2.4 million unique on a daily basis.  Establishing celebrity status as an author is a strategy that can be used to boost not only traffic, but online credibility. Keith often demonstrates his book publishing methods on a live webinars.

In one example, he published a book on “hair loss” in the health and fitness niche.  For demonstration purposes, he used James Jones’ Ultimate PLR software collection for the content of his book.  The software creates a PDF e-book automatically.  Next, he changed the font (14 point) and spacing (1.5) and copied to a pre-defined book template with a title page, page numbering and disclaimer.  Finally, by creating H1 chapter headings, Word (or Open Office) will create the book’s table of contents and a pdf can be exported or printed for upload to Amazon at createspace.com. Note:  Since Amazon has become proficient about detecting PLR content, this method no longer works quite as easily as Keith demonstrated.

During the upload process a title an description are needed.  Keith’s book in this example was “Hey Baldy.”  An ISBN can be automatically generated.  Black and white or full color, and white or cream paper can be selected as well as book size (6″x9″ is most common).  Then a cover(front and back) is needed (Amazon will do it for $299), use a professional graphics artist, or Amazon’s cover creator can be used, including free images.  Finally, a selling price is needed and choice of selling venue (CreateSpace.com and/or Amazon.com).  A Pro Plan is available which give access to expanded distribution channels, including bookstores, libraries and other e-stores.  Within 48 hours, you’ll be advised of completion and mailed a proof copy.

There are 4 main ways to earn from being an author:

  1. Write a Book and Keep It
  2. Write a Book and Promote It
  3. Write a Book and Flip It
  4. Write a Book, Promote It and Flip It

In addition, it is possible to earn by publishing for others, offline consulting, being a lead magnet, list building, and putting on workshops, seminars, etc.  For example, Keith uses his book to close consulting deals, providing an autographed copy to prospects.  Keith’s Quad Cash Profit System includes step-by-step instructions, extensive traffic generation traning, and the full PLR Library by James Jones.

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