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A Plan for Generating $10K Per Month Marketing Products Online Within 30 Days

Brittany Lynch, a former Google employee, recently began an experiment in setting up a system that will allow someone new to Internet marketing to begin earning $10K per month within 30 days.  The following necessary criteria, which seem to be the missing factors for many marketers are the basis of her method:Brittany Lynch, Internet marketer

  1. A “Super Niche” – Choose and validate the niche according to an interest or hobby that you already have.
  2. Something to Sell (product or affiliate product)
  3. Somewhere to Sell it (website)
  4. A way to sell it (email, sales page, webinar)
  5. Traffic – from Google, paid ads, buying solo ads, or joint ventures

Three of the necessary 7 criteria for selecting a “super niche” include the following:


  • An existing Dummies book – This is an indication of profitability, since the “for Dummies” industry generates $millions in sales.
  • Google ads in the niche (keyword) – Advertisers are bidding for “clicks” for your keywords.
  • Existing Clickbank products in the niche – There will be a product that can be sold immediately without having to create one.

 In Brittany’s “experiment,” she chose the weight loss niche, in which she has had no previous experience.  As a first step, she chose an existing Clickbank product, Visual Impact, although she suggests first reviewing any product before promoting it.  In order to make $10K the fastest possible, she suggests using webinars (Gotowebinar.com offers a free 30 day trial), using a proven template format using answers to the following 7 questions (from the chosen product’s sales page):

  1. What does the product promise?
  2. Introduce yourself, your background, and what gives you credibility in this niche?
  3. What is the product owner’s credibility and background in this niche?
  4. What is the person actually buying?
  5. What are the benefits of using this product?
  6. What is the price of the product?
  7. Where can you buy it?
  8. What is the product guarantee?

Both a script from the webinar and presentation can be easily developed from the answers to these questions.  A registration form can be created from Gotowebinar.com, which is the page used to drive traffic for your webinar.  Registrants can then be uploaded to your autoresponder to build a long-term mailing list.  Getting people on the webinar is the next step using solo ads and/or joint ventures with partners you may know in the niche.

For most people, solo ads will be the best way to get started.  Often, the warrior forum is a good source for finding solo ads.  In Brittany’s “experiment,” she found a warrior forum member selling 300 weight loss niche clicks for $100.  Statistically, 150 would sign up and 65 actually show up the the session.  Using a 35% conversion, there would be 23 buyers of her chosen $47 Clickbank product, which would result in a $839.50 gross profit.

Brittany’s concept is demonstrated to completion in a private training session, which is not publicly available.  For a complete training course in selling via webinars, we highly suggest learning from the best webinar experts currently practicing today and/or the niche profits classroom for creating your own products.

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