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4 Keys To Getting The Best Blogging Results

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Search engine optimization isn’t really a mystery for those who already know how to get the best blogging results.  Three years ago, Google came about with the accessible search rule, which is very few actually realize is the major factor in getting the best rankings.  According to Google’s own published rules, the best thing you can do to get your site to rank highly is good quality content, including all of the following:

  • Text
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Slide Show

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are specified in a 35 page pdf document, Google’s Search Engine Starter Guide.  Gina and Steve Yahoo has a similar document.  Gina Gaudio-Graves has been studying these documents since the 1970’s, and has worked with many large clients in their SEO campaigns.  She has now created a system, MyInstantVideo.com, along with partner Steve Holmes, which incorporates all of the factors needed to dominate search engine results, based on an automated,  systematic approach to blogging in WordPress.  Her system automates the process of creating all of the needed forms of content, which is a huge time-saver.

There are 4 Keys to getting good results with blogging:

  1. Use a modular approach to build your blog.  Then Make it the Center of Your “Whirlpool,” vs. having many different websites for different purposes.
  2. Use “high value” keyword research. Gina does not recommend using the Keyword Research tool from Google, since their results are inflated.  After all, they’re selling ads.  Gina suggests Word Tracker, or a tool that uses Word Tracker.  The first, SeoBook.com, which is free, uses data about 90 days out of date.  Desktop Equalizer, which is a $97 tool, uses data about 30 days out of date.   Use your keywords in the blog post title in the form of a question (this is what people are actually doing in search), in anchor text for 1 internal and 1 external link, and as a tag.   is a resource for turning your keyword into questions.
  3. Use multiple creatives (audio, video, text, images, slideshows).  Images need to be optimized with your keywords.  Properties can be included on your images by editing them on your hard drive before uploading to your server.  In addition, images can be edited in WordPress.  MyInstantVideo adds video and audio conversion to your blog posts, automating two additional creatives.
  4. Writing a post to your blog should start with a story to illustrate the problem people are looking to solve.  It needs to get the reader to identify with the content.  In addition, paragraphs should be short.  Ending the post with a call to action and resource is best, since people have been proven to click on links in the content of the article, particularly at the end.  [Note:  MyInstantWidget is a plugin that allows content in the sidebar to be consistent with a particular category being viewed, which reinforces the call to action.]

After posting using this formula, Gina recommends first pinging the search engines using either pingoat.com or pingler.com.  Then you should make comments on 5 blogs that use your keyword, searching for your exact keyword  (in quotations).  After this, social bookmark your post and 5 comments to social bookmarking sites including at least Digg.com, Delicious.com, Technorati.com (the site that invented tags on the Internet), StumbleUpon.com, GoogleBuzz.com, Reddit.com, and Misterwong.com or Mixx.com.  The Sociable plugin puts Technorati on your page, which allows you to  also tag all articles with “Technorati.”  Then, you should add your blog feed to 5 RSS feed directories every day (only those that have one-way links and are free).  Finally invite 5 BlogCatalog friends per day.  This process creates 50 to 60 backlinks per post.  Gina has a similar process for your video posts in YouTube, etc, which she admits is a little daunting.

What are the results from using this system?  One of Gina’s clients with a website only a few months old, bbjlinenblog.com, has PR=5 and is ranking #1 for some very competitive terms after  only 22 blog posts.  Your goal should be to dominate the search engines, getting 50% of the top 50 listings, which can be done simply by “following the rules.”  Having the right tools and processes, such as those developed by Gina simply will streamline the process in getting to your goal and to get the best blogging results. We highly recommend the webinar video replay (for as long as available), for those who couldn’t attend, as well

Your goal should be to dominate the search engines, getting 50% of the top 50 listings.
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