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A 7 Step Process for Creating a Magnetic MySpace Profile

In this article we address some concepts to keep in mind when using MySpace as a marketing platform. The information here a summary of a recent webinar presented by MariAnn Lisenbe. Her session covered the best content to include in your profile.  Note that since a MySpace profile is public, vs. Facebook’s profiles, you MySpace page can take the place of a personal website.  Here are the steps to getting started:

  1. Create a slideshow of you having fun and having time freedom.  Put together photos from your life using Slide.com, YouRock.com, or similar site.
  2. Use an attention grabbing headline.  Think news headline when creating your headline and opening paragraph, telling just enough to get their interest.
  3. Your background should be aimed at your target market, telling people only enough to create curiousity.  A lot of people think they might exclude some people; however what happens is you’ll attract those of similar mindset.
  4. Present your problem.  Lay out the reason why you’re starting an online business.
  5. Solution to your problem.  This section describes your solution, e.g., Magnetic Sponsoring, MyLeadSystemPro, or other system you may be using.
  6. Call to Action.  Most people miss this step, e.g., never tell people to click on your link, taking them to the same solution you found.  Also mention any offers, such as free training that they’ll get
  7. Take away.  Explain that you’re only looking to work with certain types of people.  Make it exclusive, so people will want to work with you.

Next, fill in the remaining profile elements, such as the books you read.  Also include any causes that you are passionate about.  Since your MySpace page is public, then you won’t necessarily need a separate website.  In addition, you can post articles and videos to your profile, which will keep people coming back.

MariAnn also covered her strategy of adding friends to her MySpace page.  Basically, she uses the MySpace search feature and FriendBlaster.  Her searches include people looking for networking and who like authors like Robert Kiyosaki or similar.

We recommend taking care with this approach, however. According to social networks expert, Max Steingart, promoting a business opportunity on MySpace is a recipe for being banned from the system. The reason that it works for MariAnn, is that in Step 5, she is using a generic squeeze page offer which provides additional value vs. selling or presenting a business opportunity directly. Just keep this in mind and use caution in how you are describing your business offer.

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