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Automating the Sales Lead Generation and Follow-up Process

Why do many business owners and marketers get stuck, or reach a plateau in their business?  In the sales process, it is well-known that an average of 7 follow-ups is needed in order to complete a sale.  And since most sales people only follow-up twice, there is a lot of money “left on the table.”  That is why the bottom line in being successful often depends on having:Power Lead System

  • A system or systems approach to generating sales leads
  • A follow-up system using multiple methods

How many business owners are getting hundreds of “leads” on a daily or monthly basis, but have no system in place to capture or follow-up the customers coming in contact with their business every day?  How many have adequate tools to adequately follow-up, particularly when a team is involved in the follow-up process.

Today, SalesForce has a market capitalization of $50 billion, since they have been one of the most successful companies in automating the sales process for large companies.  But SalesForce is an extremely complicated system, with a high price tag beyond the reach of smaller organizations.  But the good news for small to medium sized businesses is that many new systems are becoming available to meet their most critical needs for effective sales management.

And a powerful and flexible system is actually available for smaller enterprises, that integrates voice, text, and email prospecting and follow-ups.  To preview the features of this system, you may visit our Team Prospector website.  For entrepreneurs or affiliates/network marketers promoting a specific opportunity or offer, there is also an innovative system, Power Lead System, that uses a flexible, yet simple approach for both generating leads and automating the follow-up process using email.

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