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How to Build a 100,000 Facebook List in 24 Hours

Nick Peall, Mr FBX, shared recently on a Ryan Deiss webinar of over 1,000 listeners how he created a 100K Facebook list in 24 hours.  Several of his followers have  recently surpassed this notable achievement, the highest at 169K. Nick initially was very negative about Facebook, but now is a big fan.  Why does he now love Facebook?

  1. He can create huge lists within days or even just hours.
  2. Making pages takes minutes with no need for FTP or domains.
  3. There is unlimited traffic going super cheap (under a penny)
  4. He can reach millions of people in any niche or vertical market.
  5. There is little to no competition, many of them doing a bad job.
  6. Communicating with your list takes just a photo or youtube video.
  7. The delivery rate for our Facebook updates is instant.
  8. Response times are measured in minutes or seconds.
  9. His audience is spending hours per day waiting to hear from him.
  10. There are nuggets of gold everywhere.

Social media is about making connections, earning trust and creating relationships

For those used to traditional Internet marketing, a Facebook list is entirely self-contained within the Facebook platform.  Most Internet marketers try to bring their Facebook fans “out” to their marketing lists on Aweber, GetResponse, etc.  What are the steps in his process?

Facebook users, unlike those searching on Google, are not usually thinking about buying

  • Create a fan page.  Make sure to use the Brand or Product category, or Facebook will take over the page once it exceeds 10,000 fans.Ryan Deiss Profile with Correct dimension
  • Create a profile photo 180px in width by 400 px height.
  • Create a tab on the fan page that is 500px wide by 400px high.
  • Select something in the “real world” with a real following, keeping in mind that you’ll be doing indirect and demographic marketing.  Rather that a page on losing weight, consider the demographics of your target audience.
  • Find a topic about which people are fanatical, and use to making purchases.  Engage your audience in two-way conversational mode.
  • Use targeting to test reach, comparing cost in different countries, using laser targeting according to your audience demographics, and using the correct time of day and/or week to place ads.  Monday/Saturday mornings are normally the best, since people are going to Facebook to make connections and to avoid boredom.
  • Sales funnels and marketing methods are completely different on Facebook, so Internet marketers must adapt and evolve.

Nick offers the FBX training program, in which several students have exceeded his own results, with countless members who are achieving a cost per click lower than 1 cent.  Results are achieved fast, often in hours or days vs. weeks or months in traditional Internet marketing.

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