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How to Build Facebook Applications for Local Internet Marketing Needs

Sam Bakker, creator of the FB Cash 2.0 marketing system, recently introduced an application generator for Facebook Fan Pages.  His new product is a simple Facebook application generator.   There are several benefits of Facebook applications vs. a simple fan page.  These include the ability to capture a person’s main email address and inclusion of images when someone “likes” a page (vs. a hypertext link only on a fan page). Additional advantages of Facebook applications over Fan Pages are the ability to:

  • Add to Facebook Event
  • Redirect to External Website
  • Information Capture

Recently Herbal Essences deployed a Facebook application which resulted in over 500,000 followers.  Only a few other very large companies at this point, have been able to leverage Facebook as effectively.  The reason that only large business have so far been able to exploit Facebook applications is the cost…estimated at $2,000 plus for creating an effective application.

Auckland 2004 Yellow Pages books
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Many local businesses are finding that current spending on yellow pages, newspaper, radio and television is yielding little return on investment.  A typical small business spends about 9% of its revenue on advertising and many are looking for more cost effective methods, especially in the current economic turbulence.

In a recent study of traditional advertising methods vs. traditional Internet marketing:

  1. $10,000 in radio ads produced 200 to 300 leads.  The cost per lead was therefore between $30 and $50.
  2. $50,000 in television ads produced 500 to 600 leads, at a cost per lead of $80 to $100.
  3. $20,000 in magazine and newspaper ads produced 300 to 400 leads.  The cost per lead was $50 to $70.
  4. $10,000 in Internet marketing brought in 700 to 800 leads, yielding the lowest cost of $12 to $15 per lead.

Sam’s Facebook application has several advantages over traditional Internet marketing.  The use of Facebook applications is rare; and only in use by a very few very large business who have the resources and technical ability needed.  Also, Facebook applications are familiar and trusted.  Who doesn’t know someone who plays “Farmville,” and security concerns are minimal at this point.  In addition,  Facebook applications can be integrated with many other Internet functions, e.g. GoToWebinar, and have many viral aspects never before seen in the advertising world.

A simple Facebook, such as that developed by Sam Bakker can be a boon for many small businesses, giving them advantages over the competition unobtainable in any other way. The system can be previewed in great detail in Sam’s online workshops. His FBCash 2.0 marketing training system for Facebook is available as a ClickBank product, and as a feature of his Facebook application generator.

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