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Building a List of 1000 in One Week – An Innovative Viral Approach

The three biggest niche marketing segments online are health, wealth, and love.  Marketers that are in these areas have a lot of competition, but by working hard, it is possible to reach the top.  Sub niches are easier, however, e.g., “losing weight” within the health niche.  Regardless of niche, Mike Cowles, teaches that it is much faster to do affiliate marketing in your chosen niche vs. creating your own products.

Here is what is needed in either case:

1.  Squeeze PageSqueeze Page TemplateAlthough a squeeze page is easy to create, most people will enter a “fake” email address.  What is really needed to build a list quickly is a way to actually get your prospects’ “real” email.  Your target opt-in rate should be 40% or better, which means you’ll need a very good offer.

2.  Initial Email – Once on the list, tell your subscribers that you’ll be sending them some special information soon and to look for it in their mailbox.  This will improve your opt-in percentage, plus start the process of building a relationship with your new prospect.  Use a picture or send a video to personalize your introduction.

3.  Separate Your List – You should include a paid offer fairly soon, in order to separate your list into “lookers” and “buyers.”  In general, for every two emails offering valuable free information you should include one paid offer.  You can also survey your list to separate further into those that are aggressive vs. just interested in getting occasional information.  Mike Cowles suggests to subscribers who are in the process of an opt-out, an opportunitty to receive only infrequent, valuable special offers.  List automation supporting all of these features can be set up using Aweber.

4.  Joint Venture – Make an offer to several (up to 10 or 20) other marketers to put one of their products in your email sequence (forever), if they will send out one email to their list with your offer.  Let each one of them know that you’ll be doing this with 10 other marketers (especially if you don’t have a big list yet), so they’ll know you’ll be building a worthy following in the near future.  You also want to get your offer to go viral if possible, for maximum impact.

Using this technique can definitely get 1,000 people on your list within a week.  To facilitate the process, Mike Cowles now offers a new Rocket List Builder system, based on an innovative Facebook App.  His App captures his prospect’s “real” email and writes to their Facebook wall, so that all of their friends will see the offer as well.  Thus you’ve now leveraged the viral aspects of Facebook, making it really a slam dunk for your success.  To see how this works and to get a free copy of our squeeze page code, just click the button below for immediate access to the download.  An overview and detailed training by Mike is also available.



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