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Developing Clickbank Products From Scratch – Instant Cash Machine Process

Cory Friedman, who was featured on a recent webinar organized by Mike Cowles, began in Internet marketing at age 18.  After going $50,000 in debt, by buying every course on the market, finally decided to take action at age 23.  He took all the best things that he had learned and began to take action, in developing his own methodology.  Today he has 12 sites online that all use his Instant Cash Machine formula, that make money every day.Instant Cash Machine Guy

While staying with his parents in NYC, he researched and exploited a micro-niche market (metal-plating), which began making 3-5 sales per day.  After this, he was hooked, and soon developed a website on glass-blowing.  Although this is not the formula he uses today, it gave him an excellent introduction to the online marketing environment.  He now makes a solid 6-figure income and has developed a formula, with which he can quickly (in a couple days) put up a website and start making money.

On a recent webinar, he shared his methodology, the Instant Cash Machine Process.  As an example, he took Mike Carraway’s “hot” Kindle publishing niche and created his own product with a unique twist.  In this case, the unique twist, his own proven “killer” sales page template and leveraging a “little-known” Clickbank loophole.

In particular, Cory believes that the sales page is the main thing stopping most aspiring entrepreneurs “dead in their tracks.”  Also, his Clickbank loophole techniques, can be used to ensure that affiliates take notice of your product.  What are the specifics of  his Instant Cash Machine process?

  • Buy the top two competitor products in your niche.
  • Add a unique twist, e.g., pay people on Fiver to leave reviews on your product.
  • If you are not currently an expert in the area for your product, then Cory suggests interviewing an expert.  Search related “forum” sites or rtir.com can be used as a source to identify experts.

As a real example, Cory’s banishtinnitus.com page makes thousands of dollars per week.  The sales letters take him 2-3 hours to create and are based on his proven template.  Most of his traffic comes from Clickbank affiliates.  He uses a proprietary “CB Boost” technique to get friends and associates to boost his “gravity” point in Clickbank.  His methodology is explained in a 26-video “over the shoulder” series, where he creates an Instant Cash Machine from scratch.

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