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Internet Marketing Training – Can Anyone be Successful in Attraction Marketing?

In this article we discuss the learning curve for using an attraction marketing strategy for your business.  Although the process seems simple enough, is it something anyone can do?  Or should you advise some team members to steer clear?  In our 90 Day Attraction Marketing Challenge, we’ve noticed that it is difficult to first create, and later maintain momentum in all areas.

For instance, of the original daily task goals we’ve been able to maintain a basic level, yet not to maintain a stretch level of goal attainment.  For instance we’d like to be able to do the following (on a part time basis):

  • Create new video content each day
  • Create new content related to daily video on this blog
  • Tweet the content and post to bookmark sites using OnlyWire
  • Using video marketing tool such as Traffic Geyser, “publish” the daily video to multiple video directories
  • Using article marketing tool, such as Automatic Article Submitter, “publish” the daily blog entry to multiple article directories

In case you didn’t recognize it, this is the basic success formula used by Internet Marketer, David Wood in his rise to Internet “fame.”  He has also stated on previous occasion that the level of effort is often underestimated.  At this point in our “challenge” we have not achieved all of the items above, but will make every attempt to step up a notch and maximize use available hours over the next 30 days.  At this point we have generally, but not consistently achieved each of the top three tasks and one or the other of the remaining two.  Next step in the challenge is to make every attempt to do all 5 steps on the second 30 day leg of this challenge.

This should be interesting.  But given David Wood’s level of effort, our thesis is that anyone can be successful in attraction marketing following his success formula.  A target of 40 leads per day at the end, using attraction marketing on a part time basis is, we believe, realistic and achievable in 90 days.  Check out the excellent training by David Wood, which underlies this overall challenge

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