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List Building – How to Enhance the 10 Most Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

In a recent online strategy workshop, Brian Edmondson discussed how a list building strategy can enhance the 10 most popular internet marketing methods to convert website traffic to sales.

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Unfortunately, the majority of Internet marketers short circuit all their results by immediately marketing their company, products and/or services.  David Wood shared some of his early “uninformed” attempts at Internet marketing in one of his earlier network marketing companies.  The focus in list building is making a valuable offer in return for contact information in synergy with the following the 10 most effective internet marketing strategies.

  1. Search Engine Marketing – This traffic is like “Diamonds are Forever.”  The way to get free traffic is just by adding content to your website.  The information must be interesting, useful and relevant.  If so, the search engine spiders will continue coming back.  Content must be original audios, videos, etc.
  2. Article Marketing – This method, although well known, is often not well implemented.  Too many people are taking shortcuts and failing to create unique, original content.
  3. Video Marketing – Every minute now, there are 24 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube.com.  Since fewer people are doing videos it is very easy to get ranked in the search engines.
  4. Social Media Marketing – In internet marketing and network marketing, this is a key strategy.  It is very easy to leverage off leaders in your own market niche.
  5. Viral Marketing – Ideas include leveraging current events, videos, etc. to create a “buzz.”
  6. Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Media buying is the most effective form of paid traffic including ezines, Google adwords, etc.  However, care is recommended because you can easily “lose your shirt.”  It is imperative to know the numbers and do the upfront keyword research before starting any campaign.  Many factors come into play including ad copy, landing page copy.
  7. Ezine/Website Marketing – This strategy involves paid advertising on websites and established email lists.  Many popular ezines offer paid “sponsor” or “solo” ads.  Brian reported that only the top sponsor ads or solo ads are worth the effort.  Middle or bottom ads, although much cheaper, do not produce cost-effective results.  Solo ads can be pricey, e.g., up to $1500 to run.
  8. Offline Marketing – This strategy is often ignored by internet marketers and includes direct mail, print advertising, radio, TV, etc.  The way to use this strategy is a two step process offering your special report.  Small Business Opportunities  ad for his squeeze page.
  9. Joint Venture Marketing – The most common JV is an adswap or cross promotion.  This strategy can only be used once you have successfully built a list.  If starting small it is possible to swap content instead of an actual list.
  10. Email Marketing – This is the single, easiest, fastest, most profitable way to get instant traffic to your website and make online sales.  It is also the ultimate reason to focus on list building.

The concept of list building is really simple and includes Lead Generation, Lead Capture, and Lead Conversion.  So in summary it is essential to build a list.  Then all or any of the internet marketing strategies being used will achieve the desired result.  More details of using each of these Internet Marketing strategies is available in My Lead System Pro from leading Internet marketers.


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