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List Building Fundamentals for Internet Marketing Campaigns

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Of all the aspects involved with Internet marketing, the most important is building a list.  In general, the value of a list is about $1 per subscriber per month.  This could be much higher, if you develop a good relationship with your list and they are qualified buyers  These fundamentals are not just for those in the Internet marketing niche, but apply equally or even better to most any niche market where products are sold online.  As more and more people turn to the Internet for their primary source of information, the value of a good marketing list will continue to increase.

The basic list building needs are:

  • Domain and Hosting Account –  Most marketing experts highly recommend the services of Host Gator.  Eventually a dedicated server would be needed for the most serious marketers at $170 per month.
  • Squeeze Page or Sales Page – Effective copy is a necessity.
  • Professional Autoresponder – Although CGI scripts are available, a professionally managed service is needed by any serious marketer.  Not only are services such as Aweber very affordable at under $20 per month, but they will ensure that your email and IP address doesn’t become black-listed.
  • Free Offer or Paid Offer – This doesn’t have to be something provided by the marketer, although the customer relationship will be much better than with PLR products.

Among the most often overlooked needs is a streaming sales funnel.  Anyone who has purchased products from leading Internet marketing trainer Mike Cowles knows that he immediately introduces his affiliate program to his subscribers via a video on his thank-you page.  The video begins the process of creating a relationship with subscribers on his list.

The larger your list, the more leverage you have.

There are many obvious advantages to having a quality, responsive list, but one of the biggest advantages of having a list in the first place is leverage.  The larger your list, the more leverage you have.  Let’s say you want to “team up” with another Internet marketer in a joint venture.  Don’t you know the first question they’ll ask you is how big is your list?

It is also important to consider quality of your list.  The quality of a list depends on the relationship you have with your list, which is greatly facilitated by treating your list like you’d like to be treated.  Follow-up promptly, over-deliver valuable content and your list members will like and trust you, eventually becoming raving fans, and most likely earning you well above the “standard” $1 per month.  If internet network marketing happens to be your interest, you’ll find this squeeze page builder from Rapid Crush, about as easy as it gets.

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