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Easiest System Ever for List Building – Devon Brown Review

Matt Gill
Matt Gill

Matt Gill recently introduced the Easiest System Ever developed by Devon Brown.  The system is “by invitation only via an application process,”  although the sales page also provides an lower cost option for his earlier Web Copy Cat product.  This methodology has been able to produce commissions up to $4800 within a few days, starting from scratch and with no knowledge of html, php or any other technology.  The following 3 simple ingredients are the basis of his system:

  1. A product or service that produces “huge lump sums of cash” when people buy it.  This product must simultaneously add immense value to the marketplace and creating the opportunity for residual income (e.g., ClickBank).
  2. A system that’s designed to remove most of the obstacles and do the “heavy lifting” for you.  There are 3 simple words that enable this, process are:  “build a list!”
  3. A set of ways to expose people to the system and/or business….a.k.a. marketing!

avoiding security while distributing network marketing flyersAlthough he had been introduced to the concept of list building in 2001, he rejected it for about 2 years, while trying to run his network marketing business the way he wanted (and thought would work).  One of his big ideas was to distribute flyers for his opportunity on all of the Mart trains in Atlanta.  Of course this is illegal and he had to  simultaneously avoid the train security personnel, while placing flyers.  The strategy produced only one sale.

There are two main reasons why most people are failing in their home business or venture.  Figuratively, what is needed is a pot of water as well as enough heat to make the water boil.  In a business sense, most people get involved with programs or opportunities but neglect to add any heat, thinking that just joining a program or buying the latest WSO will product success..  Then they jump from program or WSO to the next “shiny object” that appears.  Devon has developed a simple system that anyone can use to quickly start down the path to recurring residual income.  The Web Copy Cat system has some good reviews and a fair track record on the Warrior Forum.

Devon BrownAlthough the system may not be something of interest to more experienced marketers who already know how to build a squeeze page and drive traffic, it may be exactly what is needed for many to get started.  His introductory program, Web Copy Cat, provides a simple (and low cost, e.g., $5 trial) way to get started.  His sales video is very entertaining and could inspire the creation of a very effective sales funnel and improved sales techniques, even for a more experienced marketer.  Click below to enjoy his highly entertaining presentation. WatchThisVideo



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(3) Comments

    • Linda Jarkov 8:49 pm

      I really want to join in and partner with you

    • Steve 12:20 am

      I was trying to sign up for the $1 start up special, and 34.99 a month, but the web site went dead and I couldn’t complete. Now the special is gone, and was shown a cost of $97. I was interested, but not for $97

    • Jim 5:42 pm

      Sorry for delayed response. Just curious what type of list building you’re interested in?

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