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The Secret Behind Attraction Marketing

The Law of Attraction has become popular in recent years, due to the 2006 film entitled, “The Secret,” and the 2007 book with the same title.  The concept itself dates back to Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic “Think and Grow Rich,” and before, including William Atkinson in his 1906 book, “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.”

The concept  “thoughts are things” is central to the Law of Attraction and that thoughts influence chance.  It argues that both conscious and unconscious thoughts can affect things outside of a person’s head, through vibrational energy, and that like vibrations attract each other.

Does this concept play a part in attraction marketing at all?  On the surface it would appear not, however if “like” energy or vibrations attract, then would it make sense that the world of internet marketing could play a part in the overall scheme of things, including vibrational energy?

We think that this is plausible.  After all, what is your blog, if not an expression of your own experiences, and ultimately your thinking, thoughts, and mind.  By blogging, you express your thoughts a lot more tangibly than mere thoughts, giving the opportunity of interaction of your mind with an incredibly wide range of people anywhere on the planet.

If anything, it is possible that the process of “finding” and being attracted to relevant content online, is influenced by more than chance.  And if your thoughts really do manifest tangibly, then you will be drawn to online sources of information by mechanisms beyond your ability to understand.  Of course, Google is just a computer or more accurately a vast array of computational power, but in a larger sense just a part of the environment, or another tool.

Could your thoughts vibrate through the systems and networks of the Internet, in your attraction marketing efforts.  You decide, but if you are doubtful of this, then we suggest you re-read the classic “Think and Grow Rich,” in which the author documented many cases of the law of attraction,  or secret of the universe.

What are you expectations about your efforts in attraction marketing or internet marketing?  Is it possible that they could be influenced by your thoughts, or some would say your prayers?

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