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What is a Squeeze Page – WP Squeeze Pro Review

WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As with any discipline, the Internet has a terminology all its own. One aspect that I didn’t understand at first was the concept of a squeeze page.

Simply stated, a squeeze page is a one-page website with the sole purpose of making a free offer in exchange for a valid email address. The idea is both to introduce oneself or one’s business to Internet users, and begin a dialogue on a topic of interest to the subscriber.

Setting up a squeeze page is therefore one of the most basic tasks in marketing products and services. Since many marketers become initially familiar with WordPress, a variety of tools exist that make it easy to quickly build squeeze pages on self-hosted sites. One of our favorite products is WP Squeeze Pro. This product allows a marketer to build and install up to 20 pages for a single fee, in contrast to many popular tools that have monthly fees.  WP Squeeze Pro includes: 

  • 24 proven, easy to modify templates
  • Easy Integration with any WordPress theme
  • Single fee for up to 20 WordPress Instances

To see an online demonstration of WP Squeeze Pro, visit the following link.

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