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Video Marketing Tricks You Need to Know

Andy Jenkins, the creator of “Video Boss,”  shared some of his video tricks on a recent webinar.  In Andy’s opinion, most marketers are treating video as a “dog,” when they should be treating it as a gazelle.  Andy is passionate about the place of videos in the internet marketing industry.

Andy attended NYU Film School after which he worked in the film industry.  His experience in editing TV & Feature Film media in 1999 led him to create a Yahoo store selling props from films.  Andy Jenkins video bossThis got him started in Internet marketing, where he met some key individuals who ended up making the “Blair Witch Project” and “Lord of the Rings.”  He has gone on to make several other films with this company, Hacks and Films, where he created and managed $41 million in video promotions.

Andy shared both the good news and bad news in today’s Internet age:

  • The Good News – It’s never been easier with available technology to create videos.  In Andy’s career, it wasn’t usual to have equipment which cost over $1 million in the trade.  Today’s equivalent “studio” can be created with one laptop, downloadable software, an HD flip-style camera, and a USB headset/microphone.
  • The Bad News –  In today’s “level” playing field, it becomes harder and harder for the individual to stand out from the crowd.  Today, successful marketing efforts most be done with distinction, connection, and story.

What characteristics are needed in today’s environment?

The first is distinction.  Personality crushes all noise in the marketplace.  For example, today, Apple Computer has Steve Jobs and is the most valuable computer property in the world.  Microsoft had Bill Gates.  Google has Larry Sergey; everyone loves Raymond; and everyone cringes at Lady Gaga.

Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...
Image via Wikipedia

Personality crushes all noise in the marketplace

People want to work with, spend time, engage with and spend money with other people. All of the surrounding infrastructure:  web pages, blogs, shopping carts, email which used to be the foundation are today’s price of entry but not enough.  Today’s marketers stop here and forget to market with distinction.

Andy believes marketers need to narrow their message for more customers.  For instance, when meeting a friend you don’t ask generalized questions; rather engage them in the context of what you already know about them.  Andy used to be too broad in his video marketing message.  Today, he assumes that the prospect is skeptical, in pain, and as a result seeking what he offers and thus treats them “like a buddy” and speaks directly to these needs.  Video marketing is the only form that allows you to connect with a demographic.  Prospects are self-qualified, since they are already attracted to the message on your page at the very moment and seeking a solution to their “pain.”  Your message must capture them in 8 to 15 seconds with a specific, targeted message rather than a broad exposition on a broad topic.  Video marketing is therefore much different that television commercials or billboards.

Video marketing is the only form that allows you to connect with a demographic.

Selling is showing 2 critical ownership experiences:  1)  the process or your product working and 2) the results of ownership or demonstrating their “improved” life.  There are lots of reasons people don’t buy, but remember that they may still “love” your message, e.g. video.  So, even if they leave, they will still talk about it, tweet, share, etc.

Authenticity is about beauty scars.

People are fascinated by how stuff is made.  When we get to know the imperfect process, its flaws reduce intimidation.  People don’t expect you to be perfect in your videos, but will love you if you can solve their problems.  In his Video Boss product release, Andy decided to be truly authentic vs. leveraging his film industry contacts.  In other words, people when they see the imperfections in Andy’s presentation will “get” the fact that they don’t need to be perfect.  Authenticity is all about beauty scars.  His “Cuzin Andy” squeeze page is getting an unheard of 52% opt-in rate.

The lesson learned on the journey is sometimes the bigger take away than the destination achieved.

Watching someone else take the journey first lets prospects fully engage without taking the risks.  Would it be possible and beneficial to “tell” the customer in advance about using your product in video form?  Andy shared several other ideas including videos on setting up and using the product, customer support, and upgrade options.  His Video Boss product is the ultimate education available anywhere for those who want to shortcut the “learning curve” in their marketing education.

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