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Why I Decided to Quit MLSP

Norbert (MLSP Founder)
Norbert (MLSP Founder) (Photo credit: Elias Callejo)

Any marketing company or organization must maintain the highest levels of integrity in order to remain viable in the long run.  Even with a world class marketing platform, the slightest doubt can make retention and recruiting an issue.  Those are the basic factors in my own mind and leading to my current decision.

MLSP is very easy to setup and maintain, and it will take some effort to re-engineer my sales funnels.  I really do appreciate the fact that MLSP emphasizes the control of business assets an individual, e.g., list ownership should be controlled by the marketer and not a network marketing company (or even MLSP itself).  Their concept of using generic tools (especially autoresponders) for this purpose is very commendable.  I am supportive of what they are doing in just about every way.  So why am I quitting?

On a recent weekly webinar, one of MLSP’s new “leaders” (who had been a member several years with little success) shared what led to his recent breakthrough.  He claimed to have recently generated 1200+ leads and 36+ team members from a 3:19 minute YouTube video.  He stated that he had uploaded this video on Feb 22, 2012 (he showed a screenshot with 30,644 views … seen to the right).

Since I wanted to document what he was doing, I looked up his YouTube channel and couldn’t find any such video.  OK, no problem, maybe he uploaded it on a different channel.  Fortunately, Google now indexes video images, and I was able to find the video in question on another channel.

Unfortunately, it appears that he may have “faked” the screen that was shown.  The video which I did find on another channel had only 156 views.  As of today, it is still active and publicly available here.  I captured the screen shot shown below.  I am not saying there are integrity problems in MLSP leadership, but it does “beg the question.”

Zeek Rewards VideoIs this the reason I’m moving on from MLSP?  Well, not really, but it did push me to make a decision that I had already made, but not “executed.”  I still think MLSP has the most comprehensive training available for network marketers who want to take their business online, and I’ve been able to generate sales leads in my conventional business as a result of their training.  I also think their turn-key sales funnels are great time savers.

I’ve just finally come to the point of moving on so that the content I use is more unique.  The only real downside of MLSP is the plethora of sales pages that are now on the Internet that have been generated with their “system.”  In fact, there are so many marketers now promoting MLSP, that it has become too easy for most people to recognize and adopt a “I’ve already heard that message” attitude.

There are also now better tools and training available to build squeeze pages and sales funnels than when I first started with MLSP.  So for me, although it has been a great ride and phenomenal learning experience, it is just time to move on.  I’m not saying that anyone else should necessarily come to the same decision; rather it should be based on an individual’s situation on a case-by-case basis.  But I hope that appropriate actions are taken by MLSP’s leadership on the situation mentioned here, taking whatever actions are necessary to maintain their own integrity and that of MLSP.  

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(4) Comments

    • B.C. 9:38 pm

      Any recommendations for training to get started? Wealthy Affiliate? Internet Lifestyle. I do not like Empower Network at all. Way too many complaints.

    • Jim 7:53 am

      Just a quick look tells me I’m not interested in either. I’ll message you directly with a recommendation.

    • Darryl 10:17 am

      I am looking for a good system. I agree that MLSP is everywhere. Looked at empower network and decided that’s not for me. It seems like they all want to extract $1,000 bills out of our pockets.

    • Jim 12:10 pm

      I agree that a “system” can cut your development time significantly and allow you to do things that wouldn’t otherwise be feasible. The downside is that once there are 1,000’s of users it becomes a little too “common,” which is what eventually leads to a more customized approach.

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