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Building a Content Ecosystem Using PLR

Why did GM pull their Facebook ads?  Last year GM spent about $10 million to advertise on Facebook, which is a fraction of GM’s total 2011 ad spending of $1.8 billion, according to Kantar Media.  It is also a tiny share of Facebook”s $3.7 billion revenue, mostly from advertising.  But GM also spent $30 million on developing content for their Facebook campaigns.

General Motors automobile mural
General Motors automobile mural (Photo credit: Toban B.)

A mistake made by most marketers is concentrating on traffic and misunderstanding the importance of website content.  The following are all importantant factors in creating content online:

  • Credibility and expert status – Daily content creation is needed vs. just occasional posting.
  • Google-friendly – Google has stated that the only relevant content is frequent content.
  • Product network – True expert status is only obtained by having multiple products.  A product give-away, or low cost product are great for creating a following, but not enough to keep the lights on.  A higher priced product will eventually be needed.  And, a single product isn’t enough.

Ronnie Nijmeh launched his 6-figure business with quite a bit of media attention.  But the way he was found was, surprisingly, Google search.  What was his content strategy?Ronnie Nimjeh Squeeze Page

  1. He syndicated content around the web.
  2. He created free giveaways to build a list (see squeeze page at right).
  3. He followed up via email regularly.
  4. He sold several related info products.

Although this sounds simple, it takes quite a bit of work to create all the needed content.  The first inclination of most marketers is creating exclusive content, although this is expensive and time consuming.  Non-exclusive content makes use of economies of scale, allowing full editorial control and making the content unique by simple changes that can be made in minutes.

Private Label Rights is used commonly for blog content and members’ area content.  Most marketers, however, haven’t begun to use PLR for creating a huge product network, and delivering webinars.  Ronnie Nimjeh, in recognizing this limitation, has a membership website in which subscribers receive new content (about 80 new items) each month.  This content can then be individually branded and used them in just about any way needed by the stressed-out marketer.

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