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Pro Niche Video (Rapid Crush) Product Review

English: Picture of three Michigan Yellow Book...
Michigan Yellow Book Directories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not too long ago, business owners had to have a Yellow Pages ad in order to be competitive. Obviously, times have changed, and print advertisers who want to keep in-step, are migrating to modern products such as YouTube.  Although their logos are the same, they are now selling online marketing products, such as websites and video marketing.

But, in the latter case, businesses may find these services a little over-valued, e.g., the phones aren’t ringing as often as used to be the case from their advertising spend.  And, although it isn’t unsuual to be paying $199 per month for their video marketing services, they come only with a “guaranteed” 25 clicks per month.  But are the advertisers delivering, even on these meager terms?

A quick search shows the following “Dallas” area video results indicates that maybe they are not, e.g., these videos have a very low number of views.  And this isn’t unusual.  

Dallas area videos in YouTubeFor instance, the SuperPages YouTube channel has nearly 9,000 videos.  But, a search of chiropractors in this channel illustrates extremely limited views (well short of  25 per month).  The same is true in most other niches within the channel.

And, when examining the actual videos, it is interesting that the videos include few marketing principles, e.g., no call to action or contact information, or links to the advertiser website (links are instead, directed to the advertiser’s SuperPages.com ad)

So, in true form, Jack Mize, a leading consultant to local business marketers has identified a huge opportunity (a big problem in need of a solution).  Jack’s solution is simply to improve on the solutions being offered, and deliver much better results for his clients.

Jack’s solution is using PLR videos that can be easily enhanced with an inexpensive voice over from fiverr.com (the script is developed based on an interview with the client in order to highlight the most valuable services offered).  Jack has produced nearly 100 stock videos that can be used within many different local business niches.  Then for good measure, adding some actual marketing to the video, he is actually able to help struggling businesses get results for their advertising dollars. 

Jack Mize and Rapid Crush now offer ProNiche Video, which includes detailed training in this method, as well as access to his own extensive library of PLR videos that have already been proven successfully with his own local business clients.  Rapid Crush provides excellent support and training, which adds significant value to Jack’s training system.

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