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Traffic Strategy – How to Get 2,740 Visitors Per Day

Justin Brooke, The Traffic StrategistThe website traffic crisis that exists today is similar to the “WalMart Effect.”  Millions of visitors are coming online today who generally are looking for what they want on Google and/or Facebook.  Today buying traffic is the cheapest it will be…it will only get more expensive.  But there is another way.

Wal-Mart (Photo credit: *Grant*)

Justin Brooke began with $60, and spending $2 per day AdWords budget.  He earned $150 the first month, which he reinvested, generally doubling each month.  After one year he was earning six figures per year.  But, today this isn’t possible, since Google “hates” squeeze pages.  But there are still places to buy really, really cheap traffic including:

  • AdBrite (note: AdBrite ceased operation on 2/1/13)
  • Search.com
  • SiteScout
  • directCPV – for less than $50/day you can get 1 million visitors (although it doesn’t convert well)
  • ArcaMax

Media buying is space on the Internet that can be effective.  Four sources include email ads, retargeting, CPV, and banners.  Email ads can produce rapid results and are great for list building.  Retargeting involves placing a line of code on your squeeze page, which can later pull up ads on very high traffic sites, making your business seem like a much bigger player.  CPV works best for mass appeal products, generally in the range of a penny per click coming from people who have opted-in to large commercial networks, targeting sites with known buying traffic.  Banners have been around since the Internet began and still work, even though there may only be a .1 to .5 percent click through rate.

Paid traffic should be making you money.  Earnings per click (EPC) should always be higher than cost per click (CPC).  For media buying (CPV) sometimes it is advantageous to outbid your competition; but only if EPC vs. CPC makes sense.  For more information, Justin offers an ongoing membership and training for Internet marketing consultants and marketers.  Any one of his recommended methods can be used to drive 1 million visitors per year (2,740 per day) for your website or your clients’.

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