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3 Reasons Most AdWords Campaigns Fail

Google is the new Yellow Pages, with 3 billion searches/day in 2012. Source: Business Insider

Since SEO is long-term investment, many businesses now favor the immediate results available from an AdWords campaign.  AdWords gives a huge advantage to local businesses, due to inclusion of the map listing in the ad, if the business is within 100 miles of a targeted local search.

Typical AT&T Yellow Pages directory, 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although national companies can’t compete at the local level, and most local businesses don’t know how to integrate their Google My Business in their ads.   A key advantage is that  some people will call directly call from these enhanced listings, which bypasses the “per click” charge.

Despite this, Google is also motivated, since 90% of their revenue comes from Adwords.

Even though 40% of consumers bypass the obvious ads and click on the #1 organic listing, achieving results via SEO in competitive niches sometimes isn’t realistic.  And, within 24 hours, results can be achieved via AdWords, given that the campaign is well structured and optimized.

Despite its advantages, there are three reasons that most Adwords campaigns fail:

  1. No landing page or awful landing page. Most local businesses using Adwords are merely sending their traffic to their main web page.
  2. Horrible ads with low click-through rates. No split testing, integration of Google My Business, etc.
  3. Bad campaign setup. Most managers typically just setup campaigns without even considering a high converting landing page, or using optimized ads.

Doubling the click through rate is possible in most cases, for an experienced advertising specialist.  Contact us for assistance with Search Engine Marketing and/or Optimization ideas.

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