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Using Attraction Marketing to Pickup the Pace of Your Advertising and Prospecting

An effective attraction marketing system and campaign can quickly be used to pick up the pace in prospecting and generating cheap MLM leads, or for any business model.  The Internet can be harnessed and directed in support of your MLM prospecting activities and goals.  Of course, this applies equally to any business model including affiliate marketing and is leveraged by political campaigns and the Fortune 500.

Although technology has been misused over the years, it can still be leveraged if done appropriately.  Who hasn’t bought something under pressure or “slick” sales tactics that isn’t right for them? We don’t really see this much in attraction marketing, because attraction markets don’t push, but merely attract their following and willing buyers.

Also, let’s face it; network marketers are mostly geeks who couldn’t pull off a con in a million years.  In fact, most deliver so much value free in the process of getting you into their training systems that many people feel they should be paying for what they’ve learned already and join in willingly because of what they’re already received.

How can an attraction marketing system be used to leverage the internet in generating  leads for your business?  Here are the main ways:

  • Trusting in your own marktability – In your attraction marketing system, you provide the value and are its content.  Your “brand” as it is exposed to the online multitudes will attract the prospects who are looking for you, but don’t know it.  Many people don’t trust in or believe in their own value, but if you can “see” it then the old adage applies:  “Believe and you will receive.”
  • Believing in your systems and mentors – There are many “stories” of success in the business world.  Overcoming big challenges is usually a big part of success, whether that is multiple bankruptcies or personal life tragedies.  The systems and mentoring that carried these people through and eventually to success are now available to you if you dare to participate in them.  Obviously the risks are higher than the “comfortable” path of the 9 to 5 workday.  Putting adequate effort on the task is crucial and dependent on your own belief.
  • Providing a system for others – A new realm is entered when starting a business.  New skills must be learned, most notably the discipline of marketing.  An attraction marketing system can be learned and then shared with others wanting to follow your successful path.  A customizable system is crucial so that individuality can be maintained and the cost needs to be affordable, or even better to provide an ongoing revenue source.  This is the funded proposal concept.

The reader is invited to “see” our attraction marketing system in operation at our My Lead System Pro capture pages.  This system is customizable and affordable and includes training needed in using many of the Internet’s capabilities to market any business.

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