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Can’t Saturate This One

here are at least 155 substantial online marketplaces since 2021, according to Webretailer. You’ve probably become aware of some of them.

While they do have capacity …

In regards to opportunity you can  utilize today , they can’t touch the 800lb gorilla that is Amazon.

Take simply Amazon Prime members. There are over 200 million of them. More than 150 million of them are in the United States.

Before the pandemic, they invested $1,400 each per year usually – and right now, that number has most likely doubled. Amazon has their charge card details on file and they can buy with a single click – or no clicks if they use Amazon Alexa.

As far as purchaser audiences go, this is the crme de la crme. The absolute best.

Now, there’s just one problem with it.

You can’t reach them through any other means than by being on Amazon.

Now a lot of individuals believe Amazon is “old hat” and is “overrun with competitors”, and “cheap China knock-offs” or whatever

That’s not wrong. There are a lot of ways you can sell on Amazon, and a lot of those have taken a nosedive during the pandemic.

But there’s one that works right now. In truth, I believe it is mainly accountable for the reality that Amazon doubled its profits throughout the pandemic … and made over $100 billion in sales in a single quarter.

Register here to get the “deep dive scoop” on this unique method: Webinar Registration Link

What about the other markets? While they might have their place in your organization portfolio, Amazon (and this method particularly) ought to come first. Why?

Pay attention to what isn’t required.

Experience? Nah. Resources – both time and money? Nuh-huh. Marketing and selling capability? Nope.

Right now, you do not need any of that. It’s just down to timing and perspective shift – both things that operate in your favor today. It’s all going to be described in upcoming training.

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Keep in mind: We may receive commissions (at no additional expense to you) when you click our link(s) and purchase. However, this does not affect our belief in the quality of the items we recommend.

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