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How to Increase Traffic 300% Despite Google’s Changes

Bryan and Matt Green are a father-son SEO team who have recently developed a software system that produces great SEO results.  Just this week, Matt Cutts has said that the new Penguin release coming soon will be the biggest yet, which has many SEOs and webmasters “shaking in their boots.”  Matt CuttsDespite all the Google changes, Bryan and Matt have continued to get amazing results on their 150 websites and those of their clients.  What is their methodology, strategy and system?

“Create a site that will stand the test of time; a site that people will tell their friends about and bookmark.  That’s the site Google wants people to build”  Matt Cutts

Google’s webmaster central “blog” actually spells out exactly what is needed and this is what they’ve done.  Rather than building spam backlinks, irrelevant content, non-diversified backlinks, and links from bad neighborhoods; their system builds high-quality, relevant links.  Black hat, gray hat, irrelevant blogs and forums don’t work any more.  There is only one way left to rank your website:

  • Places For Building Backlinks Include Blogs Articles Squidoo GOV and EDU sitesRelevant backlinks
  • Relevant forums
  • Relevant blogs
  • Relevant Squidoo lenses
  • Relevant Wikipedia pages
  • Relevant competitors links
  • Relevant EDU and GOV links

But it is impossible to create backlinks manually, which would take too long even for a single website.  But if done properly, it is possible to rank product sites, local business websites, and sites designed for AdSense revenue.

Matt and Bryan’s Power SEO Ranker Software was developed in order to quickly build quality backlinks.  Their software simplifies and significantly shortens the time needed to create quality backlinks.  In addition, their software enables an “indirect” use of Majestic SEO services to find competitor backlinks.  A complete overview of their software is available on a recent webinar that Matt and Bryan were on to provide an overview.


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